It’s the Genes

Today was a big day in our home. Today, our fierce little girl, Violet started in-home speech therapy.

In all honesty, it was a hard pill to swallow.  Continue reading


I Will Not Tame Her

In honor of Vi’s upcoming birthday.
Celebrating her strength and all the fierce little girls who have been told they need to be tamed.

We were at the local Mommys’ Group; I was sitting in a circle of other moms with our tiny babies.  Franki was on her little blanket snuggled in, refusing to do tummy time; Marshall ran about with the older boys, pretending to be airplanes with their arms outstretched wide.  Vi was in a play pirate ship with a boy who is more than twice her age. Continue reading

Seven-Way Strawberries

Ya’ll, for the second summer in a row we were able to make it out berry picking!  I would say it was an annual tradition but that’s not exactly true- we’ve intended to take the kids berry picking every summer but then life has gotten in the way and by the time we realize it’s time to head to the fields…the berry patch is closed.  Luckily, we were able to make time once more to pick our favorite summer fruit. Continue reading