Looking Back On Christmas Past

  We have made so many memories this Christmas season that it makes us think back a year ago to our very first Christmas with our beautiful son.  Last Christmas season Marshall was only 2 months old.  We didn’t go to as many holiday events since we were told by our doctor to try to stay in since Marshall was born on the early side and had a few hiccups in the health department.

So here is a small photobomb from our Christmas season 2011.

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23rd Day: Christmas Cookies Galore

On our 23rd day of our 25 Days of Christmas we made Christmas cookies for Santa!  We started making them at 11 am and weren’t done baking until 4.  Then tack on another couple hours of decorating all of our sugar cookies by hand.  It was a long day in the kitchen but we loved all being in there as a family and listening to Christmas music blaring on pandora.

We tried to cover as many of the traditional Christmas cookies and our favorites as possible so we ended up making six kinds of Christmas goodies.  We made: homemade no-bake thin mints, chocolate & tuxedo pretzels, reindeer cookies, peanut butter blossom cookies, sugar cookies, and oatmeal m&m cookies.  Brad’s favorite holiday treat is the chocolate pretzels like his mom use to make, Tricia’s favorite is the thin mints, and my favorite cookie is oatmeal m&m.  Needless to say, whatever Santa’s favorite cookie is, we have something for his taste.

All our ingredients ready to be used

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22nd Day: Penguin Park

  On the 22nd day of our 25 days of Christmas we drove out to Gladstone and brought Marshall to Penguin Park!  Even though Marshall is only 14 months he already seems to have a favorite animal, and that animal is the penguin.  He favors his penguins stuffed animal and other penguin toys, so we knew when we heard about Penguin Park that we had to bring Marshall.

Marshall got so excited when he saw the 28 foot tall penguin and the penguin themed playground.  He absolutely loved the park and he couldn’t stop smiling.  It was such a great park and we had so much fun together as a family.

The Nutcrackers greeting us to Penguin Park

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21st Day: Maverick’s Hockey Game

  On the 21st day of our 25 Days of Christmas we went to a Missouri Mavericks hockey game!  It was all of our first time at a semi-pro hockey game and we had the best time.  Since the NHL is out for the foreseeable future we thought we would just go to a CHL game.  We dressed Marshall in Maverick colors: yellow, blue, & white and we headed over to the Independence Event Center.


Hard to see us clearly but here we are in front of the Independence Event Center

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20th Day: Little Buddy’s 1st Snowfall

On the 20th day of our 25 Days of Christmas we had a gift from above: a snow day!!  There was freezing rain overnight and around midnight it turned to heavy snow; at 6 am I received an email from my school saying there is a snow day and enjoy the day at home.  That we did!

I jumped back into my pajamas and climbed back into bed with snoozing Marshall and watched the snow fall.  Brad got home safely a little over an hour later and it was a lovely quiet morning talking and cuddling together as a family. Continue reading

19th Day: A Semi-Homemade Gingerbread Village

On the 19th day of our 25 Days of Christmas we made our own gingerbread village!  We had other plans (hence the hint about Marshall’s favorite animal in the previous post) but we had our first case of freezing rain here in KC so we had to stay in.

We decided, after how much Marshall enjoyed seeing the professional KC Santa’s Village, it might be fun to try our hand at making a Dingman Christmas Village.  It was hard at first to get the hang of making the different houses but we sort of got the knack of it.

Starting to build the different houses

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18th Day: Santa’s Gingerbread Village

On the 18th day of our 25 Days of Christmas the boys went to Santa’s Gingerbread Village at Crown Center.  I was still pretty out of commission thanks to the stomach flu, so the boys went to see the gingerbread houses at Crown Center on their own while I stayed home and tried to get better.

Brad said that Marshall was absolutely in love with seeing the train zoom around the gingerbread houses that were put together by some of Kansas City’s best pastry chefs.

Marshall giggling in delight at the sight of Santa’s Gingerbread Village

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17th Day: Crafting with a One Year Old & Remembering Fallen Officers

  On the 17th day of our 25 Days of Christmas we made crafts at home.  I started to feel a little ill (that’s what happens when working with small children) so we decided a laid back craft day would be in order.

We made a quick trip to Hobby Lobby to get our craft kits.  Marshall had a little bit of fun with some of the Christmas stuff he found there.

Sure he loves these antlers but not the ones he got at Christmas on the River

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16th Day: Shop with a Cop

  On the 16th day of our 25 Days of Christmas we helped the less fortunate by volunteering at Shop with a Cop as a family.
  For those who aren’t familiar, Shop with a Cop is put on by police departments and the community.  Money is raised throughout the year and then within a week or so of Christmas the uniformed officers bring the children shopping for Christmas.  Each department has their own rules for what the children can get, at  Brad’s department the only rules are that the children get one thing that they need, keep the total around $150, and then anything else is free game.  Many of the police bring their families to help wrap the presents, offer help with the children, and so the police children can get a feeling for helping others.

15th Day: Santa Train

On the 15th day of our 25 Days of Christmas we decided a little bit of whimsy was in order.  So we brought Marshall down to Union Station to see the Santa Train that rolled into town.

Marshall is the typical little boy loving anything that moves: planes, trains, automobiles, motorcycles (thanks again Nanno) and boats.  When we walked up to the front of the train Marshall was busy chatting away with Brad, but when Brad told him to look and pointed out the train- words cannot describe Marshall’s face.  He was so elated and it was such a magical moment.  He started giggling and just couldn’t stop smiling at this special whimsical train.

Marshall seeing the train for the first time

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