1st Day: Cat in the Hat Breakfast

On our first day of our 25 Days of Christmas we decided to go to Breakfast at Union Station.  Union Station was the main public railroad back in the day; now it is converted into shops, restaurants, and a museum.

                                                                                                             Breakfast at Union Station

We went to a pancake breakfast under strand after strand of beautiful Christmas lights.  Marshall got restless during breakfast so I brought him over to watch the model trains zoom around the tracks.  He absolutely loved watching the Polar Express train and Thomas train, a conductor even came over to say hello to Marshall.

Once Tricia and Brad finished up with breakfast they joined Marshall and we got in line for the main event . . . THE CAT IN THE HAT!!  Brad and I were nervous about how Marshall would react to the getting a picture with the Cat in the Hat, but as soon as the Cat came out Marshall’s eyes widened and he started leaning forward in Brad’s arms, trying to give the Cat a hug.  When we got to the front Brad and I set Marshall down on the stage like a big boy and Marshall ran right up to the Cat in the Hat with his arms out wide.

It was the perfect opening day of December and we learned just how brave Marshall is when it comes to giant cats in colorful hats.



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