3rd Day: Zona Crowns & Dancing ‘Round the Tree

On the 3rd day of our 25 Days of Christmas Marshall slept in, which isn’t unusual- he loves to sleep until about 10 am.  Mom and Dad both had the day off so Marsh got to snooze away.

Marshall cuddling his penguin

Once Marshall woke up, we all got situated for the day.  That’s when Brad decided to make his ever popular meatball sub casserole for lunch.  Yup, Brad knows his way around the kitchen when it comes to baking!

Marsh ‘helping’ dad make lunch
Meatball Sub Casserole- YUM!!

After lunch we decided to go out to Zona Rosa.  It’s an outdoor mall that is just beautiful- they decorate the streets with huge crowns, a giant beautiful tree, and Christmas music playing loudly throughout the streets.

Zona’s Christmas Tree
One of the many crowns adorning the streets
  Marshall loved the tree!  He looked at his reflection in the big ornament bulbs and danced to the music in the square.  He couldn’t get enough of Christmas at Zona Rosa.

Dad and Marshall at the base of the tree


Pretty fitting- Marshall sure thinks he is King


Marshall making a special phone call to Santa

When we were done playing in the main square of Zona we went to the indoor playground in The Grove.  Marshall loved the woodland theme and there were a lot of children his age there to play with.

Marshall talking to some girls and the bear
 We rounded out the 3rd day with sending out our Christmas cards and picking up a few more presents.  It was another great day in KC!

One of the Zona crowns lit up



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