4th Day: Homemade Felt Christmas Tree

On the 4th day of the 25 Days of Christmas we decided to take Marshall’s obsession with our [fenced] in Christmas tree and make it more toddler friendly.  So we made Marshall a 4 foot Christmas tree out of felt, complete with felt ornaments, felt garland, and felt lights.

We played music for him, just as we did when we decorated the ‘official’ tree.  He picked up on the idea of sticking the ornaments and such on the tree right away.  He absolutely loves it- and we love that his attention is off of the other tree . . . for now at least.

Putting up  the ornaments

I love my tree!

It was another great day for Marshall and we love how we can use it for fun and learning (talking about shapes, colors, texture).  All for just under four dollars- got to love that!


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