5th Day: Christmas in the Park Lights

On the 5th day of our 25 Days of Christmas we went to Christmas in the Park.  Christmas in the park is an amazing light display in a Kansas City campground that has more than 300,000 lights and 175 animated figures!  We listened to Christmas songs on the radio the entire time and it was one of the best light displays we have ever seen.

The entrance to Christmas in the Park

Toy soldier road
Can’t wait to go skating

Marshall LOVED the Christmas lights.  He kept giggling and smiling the entire way and couldn’t get enough, he even got a little sad when the lights went away to go home.  I think, next to the Cat in the Hat, this may be one of Marshall’s favorite days thus far.

We also had Marshall set out his shoes and Christmas list for Santa since tomorrow is St. Nicholas Day!  In my family tradition says that you set out your shoes for Ol’ Saint Nick the night before St. Nicholas Day along with your Christmas wishlist.  If you were good, Saint Nicholas would take your Christmas list and treat you with a shoe full of candy.  Brad and I decided to keep with this tradition except we traded out the candy for a book.  Every year he will get a book, and for the first few years we plan on building up his Christmas book collection until he can make special book requests.  Last year he received ‘The Spirit of Christmas’ by Nancy Tilman (my favorite children’s author).  This year we will have to see what Saint Nicholas brings!

Marshall writing out his Christmas list
Marsh is so excited for Saint Nicholas to come!
Luckily mom can interpret toddler for Marshall
Marshall setting out his boots for Saint Nicholas
Is he here yet?!
All ready for Saint Nicholas

We also broke out a new pair of Christmas pajamas!  We picked them up in Minnesota with Marshall’s Grandma Glade.  They are pretty fitting if I do say so myself.

Read his shirt
Little Lady Killer
Santa shows up in the strangest places

The 5th day was pretty spectacular and we are now waiting anxiously for Saint Nick to arrive tomorrow with a little surprise for the cutest little guy around!


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