6th Day: St. Nicholas Day & A Christmas Carol


  On the 6th day of our 25 Days of Christmas it was Saint Nicholas Day!  Morning finally came and Marshall found that he must have been a good boy this year because his wishlist was gone and he was left a small token from Saint Nicholas.
Saint Nicholas Day ’12

Marshall excited to find a gift under his boots

Marshall loved all the excitement over the neatly wrapped gift.  He unwrapped it (with a little help) and was so excited to see a book.

First seeing ‘The Night Before Christmas’
Marshall showing off his new book
Marshall was eager to see all the beautiful pictures and hear the new story

In case you’re wondering, yes those are different pajamas from what he went to bed in.  We decided to have a pajama day (except for when Brad and I were at work of course) so Marshall wore his polar bear sports pajamas all day.  He loved the comfy special day, even being able to go to the store in his pajamas!

After I got home from work and before Brad headed to work for the evening we decided to sit down as a family and watch ‘A Christmas Carol’.  It’s kind of a great movie for Saint Nicholas Day if you think about it- being selfless and giving to the poor and in need.  Brad and I had special cocoa, Marshall just had his milk and graham cracker since he doesn’t drink anything other than milk or water.  I got some extra ghost peeps around Halloween for this occasion, thinking it would be cute to highlight the ghosts in the Christmas Carol story.

The boys watching the movie
Christmas Carol cocoa
Marshall enjoying his graham cracker and movie

And so ended the 6th day of our celebrations.  Marshall loved his second Saint Nicholas Day and Brad and I enjoyed watching his excitement.  This holiday season is really getting better and better with every passing day.



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