8th Day: A Grinchtastic Celebration

On the 8th day of our 25 Days of Christmas we traveled to Whoville!!

For breakfast we made Grinch french toast and Who hash with cocoa.  We used green food coloring to make the french toast fun.  Marshall didn’t have any (egg allergy & picky eater) so he ate ham and cheese.

The green didn’t show up as well in pictures as we  wanted.

We went to the Kansas City River Market’s annual Whoville Holidays.  It’s a free event but participants are asked to donate some canned goods for Harvesters or an unopened children’s gift for Salvation Army.  We chose to bring some soup for the Harvesters.  Whoohoo for Whoville charity!

So we walked in and Marshall  was immediately enthralled by all the children working on crafts at the workstations and the Whoville house.  We let Marshall put the cans of soup we brought into the bin and then he wondered around the workstations a little bit, checking out all the other kids.  We took some pictures of him in the Suzy Who’s house and in the same Who cut out that we did last year.  He has grown so much!!

Our little drummer drumming on one of the Who’s presents
Marshall in front of Suzy Who’s family fireplace
Mr. Marshall Who
    We only played for a little bit when out from the shadows came . . . THE GRINCH!!

The Grinch sneaking out
Looking for all the gifts to snatch

The Grinch played the role perfectly!  Sneaking around and putting on a mini show before sitting down to take pictures with all the children.  There were quite a few scared children, which is pretty understandable considering that most are frightened by Santa- let alone the Grinch.  Marshall, as usual, was super excited by the sight of this character.  He loves anything creepy, unusual, or strange; I’m not sure where he got it from but he has been this way since we can remember.  So after watching a child break down in tears and another be taken out of the photo we sat Marshall down and he was totally fine.  After the picture he was even giggling at the Grinch as mean ol’ Grinch waved and teased him.

Marshall & The Grinch 2012
Having fun with The Grinch

We all came home and Brad went to sleep for awhile (he worked a 12 hour shift the night before but insisted on going with Tricia, Marshall, and me to Whoville).  Once Brad woke up we made egg-free green Grinch heart sugar cookies (from when it grew from small to big), Marshall colored a Grinch mask, and we all watched the classic ‘How The Grinch Stole Christmas’.

Washed his hands and all ready for the fun
Marshall helping to make Grinch hearts
Big helper
Working on his fine motor skills
Checking out his handy work
Just call him lil’ Marshall Angelo
Not sure what to think about his first ever cookie
First bite!
He loves his special treat
Our Grinch hearts!  The poked holes thanks to Marshall

Day 8 was a Grinch-tastic day and we wouldn’t have wanted it any other way!  We traveled to Whoville and tried new things, it was all very worth it and are excited to see what tomorrow brings!




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