9th Day: Wreath Crafting

  On the 9th day of our 25 Days of Christmas we had an arts & crafts day dedicated to wreaths!  It was around a -3 degree windchill outside so we decided that it would be best to keep Marshall out of the cold and also celebrate the wreath.

In Roman tradition the wreath symbolizes victory; putting plants in a circle symbolizes the strength of life over winter.  What better day than the coldest day thus far to make our special wreaths?!

I used scraps from Marshall’s felt Christmas tree (that is still up and he still decorates and redecorates) to make a felt wreath for Marshall to decorate.  He loved it, as soon as he saw me cutting new shapes he started vocalizing his excitement and pulling on my leg.

Getting all the new felt shapes set up and ready to decorate

Placing the abstract leaves, berries, pine cones, and ribbon
Marshall’s felt wreath on the wall

After Marshall was done with his felt mommy & Marshall project daddy decided it was time for him to do a craft with Marsh.  Brad thought of the cute idea of doing outlines of Marshall’s hand on my scrapbooking paper and using that to make a wreath!  It took a little time for him to execute it, but once he finished it turned out adorable.

Daddy & Marshall Wreath 2012

After we were done with our wreaths we had our Sunday dinner (a long standing tradition: large, sit down dinners every Sunday that- unless you have to work- all our household must be home for).  Which was also a great point to the wreath as the circle is also seen as a symbol for eternity and enduring since it has no end- just like our family: victorious and enduring.

Marshall enjoying the warm indoors in his polar bear ‘jammies and penguin (his favorite animal)

The 9th day was a great, relaxing, and much needed lazy day.  We stayed warm indoors and talked about the meaning behind wreaths and made some pretty special new home decor that can’t be bought at any stores.  We wouldn’t have had it any other way.



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