10th Day: Crayola Christmas Land

On the 10th day of our 25 Days of Christmas we went to the Crayola Christmas Land in Crown Center!

  Marshall was in love with the colorful play land.  He was giggling and just in aw of the over sized crayons and paint brushes that he’s used to being able to hold in his little hands.

Part of the Crayola Christmas Land

Marshall did great with climbing up the gifts and crayons.  He loved the slide and he giggled at the fun house style mirrors.  He was such a well behaved big boy!!  He was waiting his turn and not running crazy or getting frustrated, we were such proud parents.

Marshall walking into the Crayola Christmas Land
Moving the snowflakes in circles
Big smiles!
Playing with the fun house mirrors
Marshall & Dad trying to do the cube puzzles (Marshall LOVES puzzles, they are one of his favorite toys at home)
Marsh crawling through the red crayon tunnel
Taking a peek inside the Crayola cabin
Marshall kept talking to the other kids running in and out of the cabin
In awe of the oversized art supplies
Climbing up the gift slide
He had a blast on the slide
Marshall running out to get Dad
  We had a great day out and so much fun!  Marshall couldn’t get enough of the whimsical play land and even  saw Santa!  Marshall could have stayed there for hours but as school was getting out there was more and more big kids showing up so it was time for the little guys to clear out.

On our way out we had to leave a letter for Santa
The Lego boy in Crown Center
  We had a great time and it was nice to have a change of scenery.  This was just another reminder of how great KC is for families.  There is almost always something fun and unique to do.  We feel very lucky to have landed in such a special place to raise our family.  And before I forget we saw one more thing at Crown Center  . . .
Countdown to Christmas!!!
  Only 14 days 9 hours 2 minutes and 40 seconds until Christmas!!  Whoohooo!!




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