12th Day: A Night with Santa & His Mrs.

On the 12th day of our 25 Days of Christmas we had a very special night with Santa & Mrs. Claus.  Brad found the great opportunity at the library.  Santa & Mrs. Claus took time out of their busy schedule to come read their favorite holiday books to Marshall and some other lucky children!

Mrs. Claus & Santa

  Mrs. Clause read her favorite book about giving to others and paying it forward and Santa read his favorite book ‘The Night Before Christmas’!  You may remember that that is the same exact book Santa gave Marshall for Saint Nicholas Day!!  Marshall was so excited to see Santa with the same edition of the book that he has.
Marshall & Dad at story time with Santa & Mrs. Claus
Mom & Marsh listening to Mrs. Claus’ book

Santa reading ‘The Night Before Christmas’
Santa explaining parts of the story

Marshall sat so nicely and loved listening to the story.  When Santa started reading Marshall got so excited seeing his book with Santa that he started talking to Santa and trying to go give Santa a big hug.  Santa explained things like why Rudolph wasn’t mentioned as one of the reindeer in ‘The Night Before Christmas’, Rudolph wasn’t born until the 1900s but the book was written 200 years ago.  He also said that Mrs. Claus got sick of cleaning the soot out of Santa’s suit so he found a new special way to get into houses- which is why he can get into houses that don’t have fireplaces.  Santa was so patient and kind while he explained all his secrets.


Marshall loved Mrs. Claus!!
Marshall with Mrs. Claus & Santa 2012

Marshall absolutely loved getting to sit with Mrs. Claus and Santa it was such a special evening for him and he ate up every moment of it.

We had a great time, heard beautiful stories, learned new things and we are so thrilled to be able to have the opportunity to do this for Marshall.  We are so grateful that he gets to do such fun and memorable things that make the season just a little bit magical.


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