13th Day: Driving Among Lights & A Trim

On the 13th day of our 25 Days of Christmas Marshall turned 14 months old!  To mark his 14th month- and to try to tame his unruly hockey hair, we went and got his first haircut in Kansas.

Before his hair appointment we decided to go out to dinner at our favorite Chinese place in Kansas.  Marshall was his usual picky eater self but he did eat some cheese and ham at least (big surprise).  Brad and I were happy about our special treat though.

Marshall and his healthy (untouched) dinner

After we were done we drove through Wynwood and the Links neighborhoods.  The neighborhoods boast beautiful architecture and grand houses with intricate Christmas lights and designs.  We drove about 20 minutes before we headed to Shear Madness, a salon for children!  Shear Madness has 8 different kinds of vehicles for the children to sit in while they get their haircut, TV’s and mirrors in front of each station that has movies and video games for the older children.  Marshall was super excited to get to the salon, he also loved the being able to sit in the antique firetruck that daddy put him in.

Marshall before his haircut
He immediately grabbed the wheel and started driving, smart boy!

Marshall was all smiles and giggles . . . for about 2 seconds.  The hairdresser kind of just walked right up on him and started playing with his hair, I tried explaining that Marshall has pretty bad anxiety with adult women that he doesn’t know but the damage was done.  Marshall screamed throughout the entire haircut and was just reaching out for me begging for help.  So I ended up holding him for the remainder of the haircut.  He felt betrayed by me holding him and letting the hairdresser still be around him so after his haircut he was strictly a daddy’s boy.  I’m usually the mean one that has to hold him for things like this and shots, never fun but it has to be done.

After the haircut
Why did you do this to me, Mom?!
Marshall’s 1st haircut certificate, before & after photos, and locks of his hair

Brad likes his haircut, I’m not in love with it but I am getting use to it.  I feel bad for the hairdressers there- it must be so hard to give the haircuts they are asked to do when they have little ones like Marshall who is crying into his mom’s chest the entire time and shaking his head “no” to tell us he didn’t like it.  Oh well, I think we will let it grow a bit more before we bring him back . . . think he will like haircuts when he’s 30?

On the 13th day we made it a day for the baby book.  Marshall learned that sometimes he will have to do stuff that he might not like but that mom & dad will always be there to help him through the hard times and Brad & I learned that we are bigger softies than we previously thought and Marshall is better suited with hockey hair after all.


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