15th Day: Santa Train

On the 15th day of our 25 Days of Christmas we decided a little bit of whimsy was in order.  So we brought Marshall down to Union Station to see the Santa Train that rolled into town.

Marshall is the typical little boy loving anything that moves: planes, trains, automobiles, motorcycles (thanks again Nanno) and boats.  When we walked up to the front of the train Marshall was busy chatting away with Brad, but when Brad told him to look and pointed out the train- words cannot describe Marshall’s face.  He was so elated and it was such a magical moment.  He started giggling and just couldn’t stop smiling at this special whimsical train.

Marshall seeing the train for the first time

The Santa Train!


Dad & Marshall, Santa Train 2012



Santa Train at Union Station 2012


The Reindeer & Sleigh Railroad Carrier


The Nutcrackers guarding Santa


The Gingerbread Railroad Car


80 year old KC Firetruck

It was so great to see all of the children excited over the wonder that is the Santa Train.  After what happened the day before it was great to see the innocence of children.  Even the adults we mesmerized by the train- heck Brad was downright giddy and reverted to a little boy in the shadow of the train.

Day 15 was a great day, where the innocence of children was truly felt and where everything else in the world was just on hold for awhile.  Marshall’s excitement over that train makes me want to bring him there everyday until the train moves on to the next station.  This will definitely turn into a yearly tradition for us.


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