17th Day: Crafting with a One Year Old & Remembering Fallen Officers

  On the 17th day of our 25 Days of Christmas we made crafts at home.  I started to feel a little ill (that’s what happens when working with small children) so we decided a laid back craft day would be in order.

We made a quick trip to Hobby Lobby to get our craft kits.  Marshall had a little bit of fun with some of the Christmas stuff he found there.

Sure he loves these antlers but not the ones he got at Christmas on the River

Marshall with a Rudolph ride toy

Marshall loves crafts, I often have him do crafts similar to those I have my preschoolers do at school.  They are great for hand eye coordination and fine motor skills.  First we had Marshall help us make a nativity scene as we talked about the nativity and baby Jesus.  As we handed Marshall the pieces to stick together we talked about each person he was making- Mary, Joseph, and baby Jesus.  We know that Marshall is still very young but it doesn’t hurt to explain things, if anything the extra communication can open up a new vocabulary to him with new words and phonic sounds.

Showing Marshall how to press together the pieces as he giggled with excitement


He is such a smart child, he picked up on the pressing concept immediately


Putting together Blessed Mother Mary


Sticking on the hay to the manger


Our finished Nativity scene

After we were done with the nativity I laid down and the boys made a small wooden police car.  We learned earlier today that 2 officers were gunned down in Topeka (about an hour west of our house), this event paired with the recent ambush and murder of an officer near Brad’s hometown made Brad want to do a special keepsake with Marshall.  They did great and it is something nice for Marshall to have in his memory box.

Dad using the wood glue to make the squad car as Marsh looks on


The boys working on different parts of their squad car
The finished car completed with stickers

The 17th day was a nice day at home as a family creating nice things to commemorate the season.  We talked more about Jesus and the meaning of the Christmas season to us as Christians.  Dad and Marshall made a very special car that Marshall will always have and Brad talked about how special policemen are and reassured Marshall that he will always be there for him.  May God bless Officers David Gogian & Jeff Atherly (Topeka, KS) and Thomas Decker (Cold Springs, MN) and their families this holiday season.




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