18th Day: Santa’s Gingerbread Village

On the 18th day of our 25 Days of Christmas the boys went to Santa’s Gingerbread Village at Crown Center.  I was still pretty out of commission thanks to the stomach flu, so the boys went to see the gingerbread houses at Crown Center on their own while I stayed home and tried to get better.

Brad said that Marshall was absolutely in love with seeing the train zoom around the gingerbread houses that were put together by some of Kansas City’s best pastry chefs.

Marshall giggling in delight at the sight of Santa’s Gingerbread Village

Looking at the ornate gingerbread buildings
    Brad said that every time a train zoomed past Marshall would get so excited and laugh.  It sounded like it was a great Dad & son outing.  If you have our Photobucket information go checkout the short video Brad took of Marshall’s face when the train went by him.  His excitement that he shares with his dad is so precious.

When the boys got back we watched ‘A Charlie Brown Christmas’ together as a family and relaxed for a bit before Marshall and I went to sleep for the night and Brad went off to work.  Marshall usually doesn’t pay attention to the TV programs or movies but Charlie Brown seemed to keep his attention for a bit.

The 18th day posed it’s own unique challenges to us celebrating our 25 days as a family but we still pulled it off and hopefully tomorrow I will be feeling better as we have a special place in mind to bring Marshall.  It has something to do with his favorite animal!  I feel so lucky to have such a great husband to take care of me with soup and water in the morning and then bring Marsh out to celebrate another day in our countdown to Christmas.  I cannot believe we only have a week left until the big day!


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