19th Day: A Semi-Homemade Gingerbread Village

On the 19th day of our 25 Days of Christmas we made our own gingerbread village!  We had other plans (hence the hint about Marshall’s favorite animal in the previous post) but we had our first case of freezing rain here in KC so we had to stay in.

We decided, after how much Marshall enjoyed seeing the professional KC Santa’s Village, it might be fun to try our hand at making a Dingman Christmas Village.  It was hard at first to get the hang of making the different houses but we sort of got the knack of it.

Starting to build the different houses

Building Dingman Gingerbread Village 2012

Some of us- ahem Tricia cough cough- had a harder time building the houses than others.  There were a few dramatic moments to say the least.

Her favorite structure fell apart


Carefully rebuilding

Marshall was so excited and was eager to be apart of the process.  He absolutely loves these crafts and this holiday season.

Offering Dad help


“Build it bigger guys, BIGGER!”

After some frustrating moments and a lot of laughs we pulled off a somewhat decent little village.  It may not be exactly like the instructions show but we free styled it and made it uniquely us.

I made the front left one and back far right, Brad made the front right one, and
Tricia made the back left one and middle back one



Dingman Christmas Village 2012

Day 19 was yet another day of learning to go with the flow and that our plans don’t always go off without a hitch.  We still made the best of the freezing rain and had fun creating a mini Christmas wonderland.  We had fun, Tricia contorted herself into some interesting positions to achieve the gingerbread house she wanted, and Brad was honored to be regaled by Tricia and my- shall we say creative- take on Christmas carol classics.  Another great day in our 25 days tradition.


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