20th Day: Little Buddy’s 1st Snowfall

On the 20th day of our 25 Days of Christmas we had a gift from above: a snow day!!  There was freezing rain overnight and around midnight it turned to heavy snow; at 6 am I received an email from my school saying there is a snow day and enjoy the day at home.  That we did!

I jumped back into my pajamas and climbed back into bed with snoozing Marshall and watched the snow fall.  Brad got home safely a little over an hour later and it was a lovely quiet morning talking and cuddling together as a family.

Tricia had to work at 9 and the store wasn’t closing so she tried her best to get in.  She scraped windows and kept falling in the slippery driveway.  All that work just to find out at the end that she was literally frozen out of her car; the car doors wouldn’t budge.  She quickly retreated back indoors and stayed home with us for the day.

Brad went to sleep and Tricia, Marshall, and I went downstairs and watched movies in our pajamas.  When we first opened the window to show Marshall all the snow outside he got so excited.  He loved the winter wonderland, he giggled and squealed.  It was so much fun and as if I were seeing snow for the first time all over again through his eyes.


Seeing the snow for the first time


Excited beyond words


Such a special little guy



Marshall’s view out the living room window

In the afternoon, after Brad got his sleep, we all got bundled up and went outside for Marshall’s first time out in the snow.  Marshall was so excited to get his big boy boots that match daddy on and his first time ever wearing snow pants.

Such a little man


Getting on his hockey gloves


Dad & Marshall  in their matching jackets and boots


Marshall all excited for the snow


Playing in the snow


Marshall’s snow angel



Mom & Marshall in the snow (yup I stayed in my pj’s ALL day)


Marshall up to his knees in snow


Marshall loving all the snow


Auntie Tricia & Marshall


Dingmans First Snow Fall 2012

In Minnesota this may have just been like any other day but here in Missouri it was a pretty special treat that we took advantage of.  Aunt Tricia made a small snowman for Marshall and we had a snowball fight which Marshall thought was hysterical.  Marshall made a little snow angel and loved climbing in the snow hands first.  We loved the snow and had so much fun playing in it for the first time as a family.

Day 20 was a special day that gave us a white Christmas and we all took advantage of the time we were given together.  It was full of new first experiences for Marshall and us as a whole family.  Now we just hope that the snow lasts until Christmas!



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