21st Day: Maverick’s Hockey Game

  On the 21st day of our 25 Days of Christmas we went to a Missouri Mavericks hockey game!  It was all of our first time at a semi-pro hockey game and we had the best time.  Since the NHL is out for the foreseeable future we thought we would just go to a CHL game.  We dressed Marshall in Maverick colors: yellow, blue, & white and we headed over to the Independence Event Center.


Hard to see us clearly but here we are in front of the Independence Event Center

It was such an amazing experience; we had great seats, the crowd was awesome, and Marshall (and the rest of us) loved every second of it.  Santa was even there before the game started to show his Missouri Maverick pride!  He sure does find Marshall a lot in all the different places, it has gotten to the point where Marshall recognizes him and gets excited now.

For those who have spent some time around Marshall you know what a showman he is.  If he can put a smile on someone’s face he will try his darnedest to do that.  So he was putting on a little show to those around us: giggling, dancing, sticking his tongue out, waving, and such.  He had people laughing and paying attention to his every move.  He is definitely a very special little boy.

He also loved watching the game and watching Mac (Maverick mascot) run around and be sassy.  The Maverick’s played the Americans (Texas); we left after the 2nd period since brad had to get to work, but when we left the Mav’s were behind by one.

Marshall & Dad with Mac


Marshall cheering on the Mavericks


Mom & Marsh


Staring out at the ice


He loved reading the program (upside down)


Dad & a washed out Marshall waiting for the game to start


Obsessed with the program


Mom & Dad


Auntie Tricia, Marshall, & Mom


Everyone excited to be at the Mavericks’ game


Decked out in Maverick colors


Marsh watching the game


Marshall sitting like a big boy in his own seat


Mac wore a costume like Santa


He was so happy to watch the hockey in person


Marshall & Dad during the light show at the hockey game


First fight of the hockey game (Merry Christmas right?)


Mac out with the Jr. Mavericks (4-6 yr olds)
Marshall is going to enroll in the skating program when he’s 3 and join
the Jr. Mav’s when he’s 4

Just as we do whenever we go to a new place, Brad had to go pick out a souvenir for Marshall.  At the Mavericks’ game he got Marsh his very own hockey stick.  Brad and Marshall were so excited over Marshall’s very first hockey stick.  Marshall even held it in his sleep on the way back home.  It was so sweet.

Marshall with his first hockey stick


Hitting our boots around the kitchen


Dad showing Marshall the proper grip

Day 21 was probably Brad’s favorite day so far and one of our most memorable days.  It was such a great atmosphere and just an all around good family night.  Marshall got to ham it up to those around us (and Mac) and he got to see hockey in person and not just on TV- which is one of his favorite things to watch believe it or not.  It was fun to see the juniors as we already had planned to sign Marshall up when he’s old enough.  It was like getting to see a glimpse into the future and that made all of us, including Marshall and especially Brad, super excited.  Yes, it was truly a special day of hockey.  What better way for some Minnesotans to celebrate Christmas, eh?



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