22nd Day: Penguin Park

  On the 22nd day of our 25 days of Christmas we drove out to Gladstone and brought Marshall to Penguin Park!  Even though Marshall is only 14 months he already seems to have a favorite animal, and that animal is the penguin.  He favors his penguins stuffed animal and other penguin toys, so we knew when we heard about Penguin Park that we had to bring Marshall.

Marshall got so excited when he saw the 28 foot tall penguin and the penguin themed playground.  He absolutely loved the park and he couldn’t stop smiling.  It was such a great park and we had so much fun together as a family.

The Nutcrackers greeting us to Penguin Park

Marshall loved the penguin seesaw


Dad & Marshall in front of the big penguin


Cute penguin water fountains


Marshall and Dad going inside to go down the slide


Firefighter Marshall


Mom helping Marshall go down the slide


Marshall going through the maze.  He loved the puzzles in the maze.


So happy to be playing at Penguin Park!


Marshall climbing through the tunnel


Marshall saying by-bye to Mr. Penguin

Marshall was such a big boy on the 22nd day.  He was freely running from play set to play set at the playground and was so independent.  He even decided that now he likes slides!  He use to be all about the tunnels and swings but now he laughs and laughs when he gets to go down the slide.  He even climbed the stairs to the slide all by himself, using the guard rail like a big boy, and went down the slide by himself.  He was so excited and we were so proud of him.

Day 22 was a great day full of laughter and joy.  Marshall got the courage to venture further from our sides and Brad and I learned to let go, step back, and let our little guy do more on his own.  For us as parents that is a pretty big step as we are pretty much what some would call ‘helicopter parents’ and we are fine (in fact comfortable) with that.  We are all learning how to adjust with Marshall getting older and this whole experience has been great with highlighting that.  Marshall is growing and has quite the personality and he just absorbed every one of our 25 day activities like a sponge.  This experience was more than just fun it was a learning experience as well as bonding.  Every single day of this has been such a blessing.



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