23rd Day: Christmas Cookies Galore

On our 23rd day of our 25 Days of Christmas we made Christmas cookies for Santa!  We started making them at 11 am and weren’t done baking until 4.  Then tack on another couple hours of decorating all of our sugar cookies by hand.  It was a long day in the kitchen but we loved all being in there as a family and listening to Christmas music blaring on pandora.

We tried to cover as many of the traditional Christmas cookies and our favorites as possible so we ended up making six kinds of Christmas goodies.  We made: homemade no-bake thin mints, chocolate & tuxedo pretzels, reindeer cookies, peanut butter blossom cookies, sugar cookies, and oatmeal m&m cookies.  Brad’s favorite holiday treat is the chocolate pretzels like his mom use to make, Tricia’s favorite is the thin mints, and my favorite cookie is oatmeal m&m.  Needless to say, whatever Santa’s favorite cookie is, we have something for his taste.

All our ingredients ready to be used

Un-decorated Sugar Cookie Mountain


Sugar Cookie decorating station


Finished Goodies


Some of our cookies


We started getting creative (hence Tricia’s take on ‘Cyclops Brad’)


Brad made some  . . . interesting decorating choices

Marshall wanted to be a part of every step of it so he mixed, stamped out sugar cookies, and even took a shot at rolling out the cookies.  He is such an inquisitive and curious boy.

Brad making chocolate covered pretzels while Marshall looks on


Marshall is our little mixing machine


Marshall playing in the flour we put down on the table
before we rolled out our sugar cookies


Marshall stamping out sugar cookies
he especially loved the candy cane & stocking shapes


Stamping out stockings


Marshall making a Christmas tree


Tricia making ginger bread men shaped sugar cookies


Marshall dancing to music while we waited for
some of the last trays of cookies to get done baking

After so many hours of making all the goodies and dancing (one of Marshall’s favorite things to do- dance) to the Christmas tunes we were happy with what we made and turned in for the night.

Day 23 was a day of preparation for Christmas.  It was a day of dancing, laughter, decorating, and eating some yummy cookies.  We had a great day of laid back fun and we are in such anticipation for our Christmas Eve & Christmas celebrations.  We looked back on all the days leading up to day 23 in our 25 Days of Christmas and were so happy that we decided to start this tradition.  We saw more Christmas lights than we can count, was read to by Santa, saw the nativity played out before our car, played in the snow, and so very much more.  Kansas City itself has been a blessing to our family but being together and making memories is the true gift.  Thanks so long for following along, we only have 3 more posts left planned and cannot believe how many people have kept up this far.  We hope you have enjoyed the pictures and stories as much as we have enjoyed the experiences.


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