2013 Intro

Here we are again!  I can’t believe it’s been a year since our first 25 blog round and what a year it has been.  There has been some super great things that this past year has brought, along with some pretty big challenges.

This past year my sister, Angela, had an amazingly beautiful wedding that all three of us were honored to be a part of.  Definitely a highlight for us.  We unfortunately also experienced a hard medical revelation with me, but it has since turned around and I am happy to say that I am currently in remission.

Most of all we have really learned just how special it is that we get to celebrate these days with our son.  We suffered a miscarriage three short months ago and have gained a lot of perspective from our heartbreak.  Because of this we have gone all out with the planning of our holiday season.  Some days we plan on traveling a little bit to get to our destination but it is well worth it.  The extra time in the car with the Christmas carols on and being together as a family just build more memories and allows for reflection on how truly blessed we are for what we do have.

So here is our second edition of the Dingman 25 Days, to keep family and friends from afar a glimpse of how our little family celebrates in our ‘southern’ city.

We are so happy to see others following our lead and starting this tradition in their own families.  It is truly so good for the kids and for family memories.  We were also in awe over how many views we got last year and we hope that everyone enjoys this year as much as we enjoy it!  So follow along with us on our daily adventures and the lessons we learn along the way.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from our family to yours!


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