2nd Day: Rocking Around the Christmas Tree


Marshall helping put together the base
of the Christmas tree.

On the second day of our twenty-five days of Christmas we did our ‘Christmas chores’.  Just like everything with Christmas, even chores are fun.

It was an extended day for Brad as he got off work at seven in the morning and then we got ready and headed off for our annual Christmas pictures.  We always go to a photo shop in the mall for a cheap session.  Twenty-five dollars for twenty-five Christmas cards and the sitting is free.  Can’t beat the price and the photographer is always so great with Marshall.  We can’t wait to show off our card, we will make a special post for it later after we get the cards in the mail and people start receiving them.

The rest of the day was pretty laid back: Brad caught up on sleep before having to go work a little overtime, Marshall and I did some learning exercises, and I prepared my lessons for the upcoming week.  There was a little highlight in the middle of the day; when we got the mail we were pleasantly surprised with a small gift and card for Marshall from my Aunt.  It was so thoughtful, with our big Italian family, that our little family 500 miles away was remembered during the holiday season.  We so appreciated it!

After Brad got back from synergy we did one of our favorite ‘chores’ we set up our Christmas tree.  This was the first year that Marshall really had an understanding of decorating the tree and helping us put on all the trimmings.

Marshall helping daddy put on the Christmas lights


Putting on the Christmas lights
All tangled up in the Christmas light net


A Marshall Christmas tree


Marshall showing dad the lights


Putting on the first ornament of the season


Topping the Christmas tree

While we were decorating the tree we had Christmas classics going on Pandora and enjoying out hot cocoa in our penguin mugs.  We prefer Dean Martin, Sinatra, & Bing Crosby in our home.  While we were decorating the tree we talked about our favorite Christmas songs when ‘Deck the Halls’ came on.  Marshall actually started singing along with the chorus “Fa la la la”, this is a pretty big deal for us as Mads has some verbal delays that we have been working very hard on.  We have had Marshall observed and cognitively he is even a little ahead for his age, it is just in verbal communication that he is behind.  Him imitating this from the radio was huge and made my night, giving me a little bit of hope that we are going in the right direction.

Hot cocoa goodness
(I am not a fan of marshmallows so we do mini chocolate chips instead)

Once we were done with the tree, we set up our new Christmas Train.  This train is pretty special, it is new to our little family- but it is the same train that we had around the base of my childhood Christmas trees growing up.  My dad passed it to us on Thanksgiving since dad knows how much little Marshall adores trains.  Marshall helped set up the tracks and get the train situated; once the train was turned on Mads was mesmerized by the train with it’s light and sounds under the twinkling tree.  It was definitely a magical moment.

Putting together the train tracks under the tree


Marshall helping dad put together the train on the tracks


Watching the train under the tree

We ended our night with freshly baked apple pie under the Christmas tree while we read our special books of the evening ‘The Spirit of Christmas‘ by Nancy Tillman and ‘The Magic Little Christmas Tree‘ pop up book, author unlisted.

Mmm Dutch Crumble Pie

I’m sure that I mentioned last year that Nancy Tillman is a favorite children’s author of mine and her Christmas book is no different.  Beautifully illustrated and lovingly poetic, it always strikes straight to my heart.  A part that I really loved was “Remember, this all began with a child.  Because it took nothing but love to begin it, it’s not really Christmas if love isn’t in it.”  It really summed up the day perfectly for me.  This whole season is pretty flashy and it can be easy to get caught up in that and get carried away, but really this is all about love.  The love we receive from above and the love we give to each other; just being around our loved ones is a blessing and I am truly so blessed to have my little child to love.

Our second day was truly a day about simplicity and the loving moments in between.  Appreciating the love we received from family afar and the little family we have under this roof.  I also learned that I don’t have to worry about Marsh and his verbal abilities as much.  He’s a truly intelligent little boy that is doing things on his own time in his own way and that’s okay.  We will all be okay, that’s what we learned on the second day.


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