4th Day: The Boys’ Crown Center Fun

Climbing up the giant chalk slide

On the fourth day of our twenty-five days Brad took over the planning of the day.  I was sick so my all star husband took over taking care of me and making sure Marshall had his fun for the day- and he had to work overtime.  I don’t know how he does it but he is such a rock star when it comes to being a father and husband.

Brad made me my Grandma’s acini de pepe soup (nicknamed ‘pac man soup’) to help me feel better.  Nobody can make it like Grandma, though my dad makes a pretty close duplicate, but it did taste so good and it meant so much to me that he took it upon himself to make it.

After making sure I was comfortable he decided to take Marshall to Crown Center in Kansas City.  There they have so much to offer during the holiday season for children and it is all free of cost.  Brad said they started off at the Crayola Christmas Village and Marshall would hardly let Brad take off his jacket and hat because he was so excited to go play on the oversized art supplies.  While there they also went to the Crayola store and put in their guess for how many crayons were in a jar- closest guess wins $150 gift card for Crayola merchandise, keep your fingers crossed!

Playing hard which was nice as he slept great later.
Marshall is a puzzle machine.

After all the fun in the Christmas Village Brad brought Marsh over to see the Gingerbread Village made by a joint effort of some of Kansas City’s top pastry chefs.  There Marshall made a little friend and they had a ton of fun running around among the gingerbread.

The beautiful gingerbread town complete with moving train.

Brad wasn’t done yet so he brought Marshall outside to play in life size lego cars and buildings, special for the Christmas season.  Marshall absolutely loved playing in all the vehicles and pretending to ‘vroom-vroom’ around.

“Where’s the steering wheel?”

The fourth day started as a rough day on me but was made so much easier by my awesome husband stepping up to take special care of me and our son.  Marshall had a special ‘daddy & me’ day of running free and having fun with it just being the boys.  Hopefully I can get better quickly and we can get back to doing these twenty-five days as a family.  Stay healthy everyone!


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