9th Day: A Tuba Christmas

Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts

On the ninth day of our twenty five days we had the special treat, we went to the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts to attend the ‘Tuba Christmas‘ performance.  It is another example of how awesome KC is with offering free events of all kinds, you just have to preregister.

This was our first time at the Kauffman Center (not to be confused with Kauffman Stadium, been there many times) and we were struck by how beautiful the architecture was.  Inside and out, Kauffman is a piece of artwork in and of itself.

The stairwells in Kauffman Center


Marshall climbing the stairs and the view of the city

After enjoying the architecture and views of the city we headed towards our seat to enjoy the show.  Tuba Christmas is, as it’s name suggests, a orchestra entirely comprised of tubas.  The performers range from elementary school children to eighty-one years old and the played Old English Christmas carols.  Marshall really enjoyed the show, going from sitting nicely in his seat to being drawn to his feet completely enthralled and watching from the hand rails in front of his seat.

Dad & Mads before the show
(I don’t know where this silly smile of Marshall’s came from)


Dingman Family selfie
(Again. with the scrunched up face smile with Mads)


Tuba Christmas ’13
(I love the organ pipe features in the back)
Marshall clapping that he spotted Santa playing the tuba
Can you spot Santa?


Brought to his feet by the performance

We ended up leaving just before the end of the performance to beat the traffic.  It was a great experience for all three of us, Marshall event spotted Santa playing tuba!  We decided to pick up some festive donuts on our way home to reward Mads for being so good during our time at Kauffman.

Christmas Donuts
Marshall put on his sunglasses and took a selfie
Oy vey, it’s starting already!

Our ninth day was a day of piquing our senses; the sights of the Kauffman Center, the sounds of multi-generational tuba players, and our taste buds with yummy donuts.  We are so grateful to share these experience with Marshall and be able to expose him to these mini-adventures.  Now, Brad and I are going to share a bottle of wine and enjoy a quiet evening at home before facing the fire and ice of tomorrow.


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