11th Day: Elf Adventures at Bass Pro

On the eleventh day of our twenty five, we visited a place our family does at every ‘major’ holiday for kids: Bass Pro!  As funny as this sounds, Bass Pro really does go all out for kids; they provide games, activities, crafts, and free professional photos.  We go there to get his pictures done on Halloween, Christmas, and Easter; Marshall has won their Halloween costume contest the past two years in a row even!

We decided to get a little extra use out of the elf pajamas and decided Mads’ professional pic would look so cute with him as an elf!  So we put him in the pajamas and all three of us headed out to Brad’s version of Disney Land.

Marshall was quickly a hit at the shop being dressed like an elf, one lady yelling over to her husband “Come look at this elf!”, “Where?” asked her husband, “Shooting the gun!”  Oy vey, welcome to Missour-ah!

Marshall taking aim

Marshall was so excited for all the different games and activities.  He loved shooting laser guns, foam bow & arrows, driving trains, racing cars, and riding a trike around a little track.  He also had way too much fun pretending to drive four-wheelers, a mini dune buggy, and climbing into a boat.  Mads found the crafts station as well where he made an owl candy cane holder ornament.

Driving, riding, and steering, oh my!


Putting the eyes on the red owl

The nice thing, but also bad thing, about getting photos done there is that Bass Pro gives out ‘Bass Passes’ for certain times.  So you get your required Bass Pass as soon as you get there and jump in line during the time your pass says.  It’s suppose to make things more convenient for you and make sure people are served on a first come, first serve basis; that’s great.  The bad thing is that sometimes it can make things more inconvenient and long.  For example: we got there at 5:30 and the soonest Bass Pass we could get was a 7:30.

So we did as much as we could to keep busy but a two year old can blow through that pretty fast, especially when you account for taking turns.  After we got done doing everything at least once, some multiple, we wandered the store a little bit.  Marshall had fun watching the fish swim in the pond and seeing the waterfall.  He also found a massaging camo chair and his favorite hide out spot in the kids clothing section.

Having fun watching the waterfall and fish


Making himself at home

Ten to seven I went to stand in line and let the boys wander/ play while I waited.  When I finally started to get closer to the front, Brad and Mads joined me.  A little girl behind us was just staring at Marshall as he pointed to the lights in a small Christmas tree beside us, she kept staring at us and then quietly asked me “Is he a real elf?”  Marshall was being so good and playful that I thought it would add a little magic to this little girl’s world and replied with a smile “Yes, straight from the North Pole.”  She smiled and so did her mom, I was so happy that this sweet girl was thinking that she actually got to play with an elf as she waited.

It was finally our turn and all the other elves were so excited to see Marshall and escort him to Santa.  An hour wait in line after waiting an hour and a half to get in line.  Marshall was put in Santa’s lap and *snap* the picture was taken and this was what we waited so long for*.

Even Prancer was shocked

Merry Christmas folks!  Marshall literally stopped crying the second he was off Santa’s lap.  The photographers were laughing pretty hard and I just shook my head.  Hopefully Marshall didn’t traumatize too many kids “What does the elf know that I don’t, mommy?!

On the eleventh day we had some fun at a familiar place.  We waited and waited . . . and waited for the ‘perfect’ shot that you better believe I’m going to pull out in fourteen years to show any date mads brings home.  I learned that the perfect picture can come in many forms, this year’s comes in humor.  Also, don’t tell little kids with wonder in their eyes that your toddler is anything more than a kid in pajamas.  That wonder in her eyes can quickly turn to terror as your tantrumming toddler will soon become an awkward explanation on the car ride home.  Hopefully Marsh will get his groove back on the twelfth day.

*I didn’t upload the professional pic, I figured my camera’s captured the mood fine enough


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