12th Day: Cool Cats & the Star Home

On the twelfth day of our twenty five days was another boys’ night out.  I was out of commission so my trooper of a husband, once again, took up the duties of taking Marshall on a new adventure.  This was a night of music at the library listening to the ‘Cool Cats’.

Brad dressed Marshall in his leather jacket in preparation for the children’s concert.  Marshall loves going to these kinds of events all year long- one of his favorite things to do is dance and ‘sing’, especially with other children.  We’ve never heard of the Cool Cats but were told they were just like some of Mads’ favorite local children’s performers: Mr. Stinky Feet, The DooDads, and JoHo.

The boys got there a little early so Marshall could run around in the play area and look at some books before the big show.  Marshall adored all the library had to offer.

Having fun in the children’s section

Soon it was seven o’clock and it was time to go to the area the show was going to take place in.  Brad quickly became suspicious as there were only a handful of children and a lot of older people waiting for the Cool Cats.  Finally, out they came!  The Cool Cats- a Christmas accordion band.  They performed wonderfully, but it wasn’t exactly what we were expecting and Marshall quickly grabbed Brad’s hand and led his daddy out of the library in a hurry.

Cool Cats at the library

The boys decided to go to the store to pick up some special treats, including one of Marshall’s favorites- chocolate milk.  While out Brad decided that we needed a new tree topper so he had Marshall pick out one that lit up.  Marshall picked out the lovely ‘Nativity Snow Star’ and now our tree is finally lit up from base to tip-top.

Our lovely new topper

The twelfth day was a day of learning just what a tough critic our little man is, as well as yet another lesson in finding humor in the unexpected.  I had to slow down but was so thankful that I had Brad to pick up my slack.  It was a nice evening of going with the flow and leaning on one another.  Counting my blessings one by one tonight.


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