14th Day: A Frosty Day

On the fourteenth day we had a Frosty day.  Yet again, we had one set of plans that ended up evolving into a new idea.  We were going to go to Lowe’s for a free holiday train craft followed by the Mayor’s Christmas Party in Saint Joseph and driving through the park there for the lights.  Well this day would have started at ten . . . Brad got off work after seven and I was not up to the drive alone yet.  So we decided that if we couldn’t travel north to Saint Joe we would take a ‘trip’ further north and have a Frosty day.

We started off going to Zona Rosa, I am addicted to all the holiday cheer that is all over that center!  We went to Yogurtini, a hip (family friendly) martini lounge-style frozen yogurt shop.  Marshall was so excited, we rarely treat him to frozen yogurt, so when he saw that we were finally back for the first time since Halloween he was planning on taking advantage of it.

Playing ‘eeny meeny miney mo’ of froyo flavors,
one game that there are no losers.


Marshall tried to initially pick out an eggnog flavor initially, yea we weren’t going to take the chance on that, so we went with the tried and true chocolate.  Though, during Halloween he loved the pumpkin spice flavor- a boy after my own heart.  The entire time we went through the process of picking out toppings he had a huge grin on his face, this was probably Marshall’s favorite thing we have done so far.

So excited for froyo

Marshall thought we were done when it appeared we were walking back to the car but he was happily surprised when we showed him the big surprise- we brought him to Build-A-Bear!  They had a sale going on several of their special Christmas friends, we got him the Frosty friend and even bought him the extra accessories and singing button insert.  Mads had so much fun picking out each little detail for Frosty and pressing the stuffing pedal- an improvement from when he made his police bear during LEO Appreciation Week.

Picking out the music button, heart, and helping stuff- I mean bring Frosty to life

At B-A-B they have a tradition of making wishes on your picked out hearts; we made three wishes on Frosty’s- here’s hoping that we get those done by next Christmas!  Marshall had so much fun playing with Frosty as we drove home.

Pressing Frosty’s button to hear “Frosty the Snowman”

Later, after we got pajamas on and everything, we put on the Christmas classic Frosty.  Marshall usually doesn’t have the longest attention span for the old school children’s holiday specials but he sat through the entire movie.  I even made Marshall a special treat of ‘Frosty food’ to enjoy while he watched his movie with his new friend.

Intensely watching Frosty with the snowman himself


Eating his ‘frosty food’ while keeping an eye on the tv

All in all the fourteenth day ended up being a pretty special treat for all of us.  Mads really enjoyed being able to get some frozen treats, a Frosty friend, and a classic Christmas special all wrapped into one day of North Pole fun.  Brad was able to get some extra sleep and I was able to get some extra time with both my boys.  Today was a day of fun and treats for us, tomorrow is a day of enjoying the spirit of giving to others.  Stay warm everyone!


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