16th Day: Stonelion Puppetry

On the sixteenth day we went to the Independence library for Stonelion Puppetry’s performance of ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas‘.  We are big fans of Stonelion performances, we went to their ‘Mother Earth‘ show for mother’s day- that was an outdoors performance with 9-14 ft tall puppets.

Before the show the puppeteers were visiting the children and teasing them.  Marshall loved goofing around with the puppeteers and other kids but he was definitely interested in the toys strewn about the set of “Kris K’s Toy Store”.

Waiting for the upcoming show

The show was a silent performance just set to music, it was so simple yet classic- really lovely all the way around.  There were some dance numbers, comedy skits, and puppet acrobats/ juggling.  All the kids of various ages were totally enchanted by the show.

Such careful and perfect work


Different skits in the show


Fun dance numbers

After the show, Marshall spotted the children’s computers; our little technology fiend had to go try his hand at the learning games and exercises.  We gave him a while and it was surprising just how well he was doing- he is really a natural when it comes to anything electronic.  It was hard to peel him away at the end of the night.

Computer Wiz

Our sixteenth day was a simple night at the library watching a classic tale reworked in a new, fun way.  It was a night of old world entertainment with the puppets and new school fun with the children’s computers and seeing how Marshall reacted to both.  Tomorrow we are gearing up to travel back in time for a unique Christmas celebration!


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