17th Day: A 50’s Christmas & Our Ornament Tradition

On the seventeenth day of our twenty five days we took a trip over to Kansas and back in time to see the 50’s Christmas house and the rest of the JOCO museum.

The 50’s Christmas was a special tour we set up through a 50’s model home that was built to show off the ‘future of technology’ for 1950’s Kansans.  It was amazing to see what luxuries people of the fifties applied electricity to.  The vintage Christmas decor was pretty interesting and Marshall loved the tin Christmas tree and all the vintage toys little boys would receive- like Howdy Doody and a real pigskin football.

Little Marshall doo-woppin around the Christmas tree.
The car was his favorite part, typical Mads.

After we got back from the fifties, we went straight back to 1800s.  We learned about Missouri and Kansas’s tragic past with slavery and how abolitionist and slaves worked hard, doing their part in the area to bring an end nationwide.  Marshall obviously is a little young to fully understand; he focused more on the fun 1800s kid’s house complete with yard featuring a chicken coop, laundry line, and vegetable garden.

Working hard 1800s style
“The Good Life”


Driving tractor and picking corn.

Once Mads was done with 1800s hard labor- or as the exhibit was called “The Good Life”, he moved on to Kidscape.  Kidscape is an exhibit in the museum that is set up like a mini child-sized city.  Children can try their hand at various careers and hobbies, as well as spend some time reading in the mini library.

Fire Chief Marshall telling commands, fishing in the pond,
and Officer Marshall watching traffic with his radio to dispatch


Performing heart surgery and evaluating daddy.
His initials aren’t M.D. for nothing


What would any other proper doctor do after surgery-
golf of course!  (Complete with some celebrating a hole in one
in the pic on the right)

Brad and I were surprised with how drawn Mads was to the hospital set and playing doctor.  He already knew how to use so many of the tools- properly too!  We think it may be because of one of his favorite television shows- Doc McStuffins, but we aren’t sure.  He also loves golf, which is funny since he has never been exposed to it before, but he does love hockey, so the similarities make sense.

Once we were done we decided to stop at Hobby Lobby before going home.  We had to pick up our annual ornament photo frame- a tradition Brad and I have done since our first Christmas together back in 2007.  We also let Marshall pick out his annual ornament, a tradition we started last year.  Mads picked out a military helicopter, he kept making the ‘zooooom’ sound effects as he flew it to the cash register.  Marshall also got to pick out a new stocking holder.  See, last year we bought two matching stocking holders and then put a bronze curtain rod on the two holders so it could hold all four stockings.  I saw the idea online and thought it would be perfect, well we quickly found out on Christmas morning that two holders and a rod couldn’t hold the weight of four filled stockings.  So we let Marshall pick out a holder for his stocking, he picked out a giant shiny green jingle bell.  Brad & I also picked out angel wings coming into the shape of a heart to commemorate baby Shay and hope that maybe we will be able to buy a ‘baby’s first Christmas’ next year.

Our newest ’13 Christmas decorations

Our sixteenth day was yet another day of time travel.  We saw Marshall working hard in the 1800s, enjoying ‘futuristic’ comforts of electricity and Christmas in the 1950s, and possibly a glimpse of the future with Mads working hard as a doctor, firefighter, police officer, etc.  We picked up some fun and meaningful holiday decor to celebrate the ups and downs of the past year and we just enjoyed our time together as a family.  It was a great day- no matter the ‘era’.


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