18th Day: Kansas City Zoo

On the eighteenth day Brad took Mads to the zoo while I worked!  The Kansas City zoo just added a penguin exhibit so the boys have been itching to go see both of their favorite animal.

Brad said that Marshall loved watching the penguins and was totally glued to the little south pole friends.  He had so much fun watching them swim and even got to watch feeding time.  There was a fun feature to the exhibit: penguins swimming being projected down onto the floor.  Marshall kept chasing the projected images, trying to catch the penguins.

After the penguins, Brad managed to peel Marshall away to go see the sea lions.  Marshall watched them swim and caught their feeding time too.

Brad’s phone died so he wasn’t able to take more pictures, but he did say that it seemed Marshall’s favorite animal (after his intense love of penguins) was the hippos.  I thought that was really cute and fitting for the holidays, like the song “All I want for Christmas is a hippopotamus“.

It is pretty standard for Brad to get Marshall a souvenir when Mads goes to a new place (zoo, sports arena, etc).  He’s been to the KC zoo a number of times and has already received his souvenir for it way back when, but I wasn’t around to say no and Brad found a charitable toy so he went ahead and gave Marshall a rescue & release transporter.  A portion of the funds from the sale of the toy goes to help hurt and abandoned animals with their care.  Marshall had so much fun playing with the truck and kept having epic hippo vs. lion battles.

The boys picked me up from work and we were able to end the day with getting a few last minute Christmas presents and going out to dinner.  Marshall was pretty exhausted afterwards so we were able to cuddle and watch the twinkling Christmas tree.

The eighteenth day was a fun day of visiting ‘Santa friends’ (polar bear, seals, and penguins) as well as some from all over the world.  Marshall loves animals dearly, so being able to have an animal rescue truck with some animals was the icing to the day and the fact that money for it went towards helping more animals just made it all the better.  It was an exciting day of adventure for the boys and a relaxing, nice dinner with them for me.  The eighteenth day was definitely a success.


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