22nd Day: Sledding & Skating

On the twenty-second day we had our first accumulative snowfall in the KC metro region!  We ditched our original plans for the day to play in the winter wonderland.  Brad and I were unsure how Mads would react, since he is a little freeze baby, but he embraced the snow like a true Minnesotan.

We started by grabbing Marshall’s snow tube that his nano gifted him last year.  He was never able to use it so this was a real treat.  Brad had a lot of fun getting it ready- can’t you see his excitement?

This is what dads are for when you can’t
find any of the various air pumps/ mini compressors you have.

Once Brad had the tube blown up and Marshall was bundled up like Randy (Ralphie’s brother from ‘A Christmas Story‘) we were ready to set out to the yard.  I waited at the base of our hill to take pictures and catch the little snow racer and Brad walked him to the top of our modest slope to set Mads all up.  He absolutely loved it and would giggle the whole way down.

First time tubing! (Thanks Nano V!)

A couple times up and down the slope and Marsh decided he wanted to just trying playing in this fluffy stuff for awhile.  He absolutely loves snowball fights and has quite an arm on him- he also figured out that he can chase me down pretty fast and that made him squeal in delight.

So excited for snow


Making and throwing snowballs- complete with sound effects

After awhile I had to retreat inside, Marshall was having too much fun, so the boys stayed outside to live it up a little bit longer.  As I was sitting on the couch, I heard something coming from outside- it was singing.  I went to the window and I saw Brad singing “Frosty the Snowman” to Marshall as they put together three little snowman- one for each of us.  My heart just melted, it was so adorable to see my boys out there like that.  I am so blessed to have such a great husband and father to our son.

Making his little snow family with dad

After making their snowmen & snowwoman, counting the snowpeople several times, and singing; Marshall just up and walked away.  He walked a few feet and then just fell backwards to make a snow angel.  It was so fun to watch him enjoy himself so much, and it was also curious as he has never seen anyone make a snow angel before.  He did it totally intuitively, as if he just wanted to soak up every inch of winter bliss.

Falling into the snow to make snow angels

Finally, Brad decided it was time to come in, much to Marshall’s dismay.  I made the us some chicken alfredo to warm our tummies and we all took a little nap to get ready for round two outside.

When we all awoke, we bundled up yet again to journey over to our local ice rink.  They were still clearing snow off of the ice so we decided to pick up some caribou while we wait.  The boys got their coolers (Mads caffeine/ coffee free of course) and a cookie and we were back and ready to skate in no time.

We have created a Caribou fiend

It was starting to get dark by the time we got all laced up and ready, but it was actually better this way.  The Christmas lights twinkled above and around the arena with holiday carols going over the speaker- it was very picturesque and a perfect first time skate for Marshall.

All ready to lace up and go

Marshall did amazing, he took to the ice fearlessly as he tried to run across it on his new hockey skates.  He giggled and smiled as he skated his dad around the rink, and the minute Brad would stop to readjust Mads would let him know he wasn’t ready to be done yet.  I can definitely see him being the little hockey player his grandparents and dad hope he will be.  I was hoping that if he would play hockey, he would be a goalie like his dad- less chance of injury that way.  But with his need for speed I could definitely see him wanting to be out from the net and in the middle of the action.

Skating so fast the camera blurred

Soon it was time to say goodbye to the ice and head back home so we could wash up and get ready for bed.  Marshall went to sleep pretty easily, he had a long day of fresh air and activity after all.  Once he fell asleep Brad started putting together some of Mads’ ‘bigger’ presents that require assembly.  We always try to do it a few days before so that if there are pieces missing, or any damage, we are able to return it to the store so everything is ready Christmas morning.  We are getting so excited for the big day!

The twenty-second day was a day of taking in the treat that is KC snowfall.  Marshall was able to do some of his ‘firsts’ (tubing, skating, etc) and we were able to experience all that excitement with him.  I was able to reflect on how blessed I am to have the family I do as I watched the boys from inside and Brad was able to beam with pride over his son’s blossoming skating skills.  This was a truly special day for us and we are in awe over the fact that we only have one more ‘activity’ day left before we start the Christmas rituals on Christmas eve.


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