25th Day: Merry Christmas

 On Christmas morning Brad and I woke up extra early, we watched the lights twinkle on the tree as it was still dark outside and set up the yule log on the tv.  Baby Jesus appeared in the manger over night and we had skype ready to dial in my dad, sister, and brother-in-law.

  We woke Marshall up to find the Christmas pickle.  It is a new tradition we decided to incorporate (because you can never have enough traditions, right?) that involves a pickle ornament that is hidden for Christmas morning.  The first one to find the pickle gets one of two things: 1) gets to open the first present -or- 2) gets an extra present.  Since we are only a one child family neither way necessarily matters, but we’ve decided to go the extra present route and have it always be a movie that the entire family can enjoy.
   After a very groggy Mads found the pickle, we called my sister and brother-in-law.  My dad was called into work so we didn’t want Marshall to open up all his presents while Grandpa was away and have Grandpa missout on Marsh’s excitement, so we told Marshall he could open one present from Santa and his stocking.
A small item in his stocking every year hints to what
Santa got him.  Santa likes themes at our house.
  He went through his stocking first, enjoying a new wooden train for his train table and an adorable chocolate tool set, along with some other little presents.  Next it was time to pick out which Santa gift he would open, naturally, Mads went for the biggest present- a Black & Decker tool bench.  Once he unwrapped that tool bench, his eyes twinkled brighter than the star of Bethlehem.  He forgot all about the abundance of presents behind him and couldn’t be peeled away from this magical bench.



  For roughly three hours he played with the tool bench while we visited with our Minnesota family.  But once Grandpa got back from work, the present bonanza was on.  Marshall fell in love with each present as he opened them.
   I spent the day bouncing back and forth between the kitchen (which I truly love) and watching Mads discover new things about his freshly unwrapped gifts.  Brad was just as much a little kid, playing happily with Marsh and the toys.  The boys did take a brief time out to skype with Brad’s side of the family.  Marshall always has a blast seeing all of his cousins.

The past few months have had some pretty rough points, but today I was reminded of what we do have.  Even if it is only ever just the three of us, that is more than I could ask for.  I am fortunate to have the loving, loyal husband and the smartest, most charming little boy.  This was a Christmas of healing and forgiving.

   We would like to thank everyone for the lovely gifts and taking the time to skype with us!  Now, for the part everyone loves- the picture madness:


Thinking what a lucky boy he is




So excited over his new police car.
Like father, like son.


Stop the present opening!  We need to read the new book!
I love how he spends time with each gift before moving to the next.



Elf M.D.



Opening his new art desk!



So excited for all of his new art supplies


Is there anything better than creating art
in the shadow of a Christmas tree?


All this excitement calls for an impromptu nap

Thank you to everyone who took time to enjoy our journey this past 25 days.  We hope you were entertained and maybe decided to use some of our ideas in your own home.  Until next time, stay on the nice list!  -The Dingmans


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