25th Day: Merry Christmas!

The twenty-fifth day was Christmas, of course!  The big day was suddenly upon us, unbelievably fast.  Marshall decided he wanted to sleep with his Grandpa V and the two dogs.  My sister and brother-inlaw arrived late Christmas Eve night, so the house was full and we were all excitedly awaiting Santa.

    Just as Santa has done every Christmas since the nineties, he woke the house up at 4:30 am sharp.  Lots of sleigh bells jingling and loud, hardy “ho, ho, ho”-ing.
    Marshall got out of bed, coming out to presents piled under the tree, and stockings stuffed to the brim.
Our 2014 tree and presents


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Bonus Post: Christmas Eve through Marshall’s eyes

It’s obvious on the blog that I take a lot of pictures.  Marshall is just three years old and he has thousands upon thousands of pictures and videos documenting his life.

    Well today Marshall asked sweetly if he could take pictures.  I handed him my phone, told him to take pictures of things he liked, and these are the various things that were important to him this Christmas Eve.  Enjoy seeing our Christmas Eve through his eyes!

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21st Day: Elf Delivery

On the twenty-first day, we finally made it to my dad’s house!  The day involved a lot of work with moving but we still wanted to make it special for Marshall.  Luckily, Santa’s elves had us covered and had a special elvish delivery for the littlest Dingman.

    Marshall spent a good portion of the day watching the old claymation Christmas classics with his grandpa.  They especially liked grandpa’s favorite, The Little Drummer Boy.  It was truly a special sight.
    For dinner, grandpa V even brought home a central Minnesota favorite: Rafferty’s Irish pizza!  Grandpa even got Marshall his own little cheese pizza, Mads is a pretty lucky guy.  Our little pizza aficionado was very pleased with his first uniquely Minnesota cuisine.  He kept saying yum and asking for “three more” pieces.  It was an excellent treat!


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20th Day: The Polar Express Northward

On the twentieth day we said goodbye to Kansas City, Missouri and hopped on ‘the polar express’ to head north.

    I just want to take a moment now to thank everyone who came to help us with this move.  We know that this time of year is especially busy and inconvenient for people and the fact that anyone took time out of their day to help us is truly humbling.  Brad and I are so, very grateful.

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