2nd Day: KC Pet Project & the Fairy Princess

   On the second day of our 25 Day celebration we celebrated our first #GivingTuesday as well as finally checking a uniquely Kansas City tradition off our list- we went to visit the Fairy Princess. 

   While eating breakfast, I told Marshall that today is Giving Tuesday.  All around the country, people are encouraged to help charities that matter to them and give back to the community.  I asked Marshall who he would like to help today, he thought for a second and then shouted “puppy!” So that was that, along with CASANA, we are helping puppies- namely The KC Pet Project.
   Mads went off to school and in no time he was back and it was time to tell him how we were going to help the puppies.  He was going to be allowed to sponsor a dog and cat.  He would be getting a small package of food, a treat, and a toy to bring each of his special friends.  
   Unfortunately, nothing is free, so how would he raise the money for this basket of love? 
   He did additional chores; he swept the floors, rinsed some dishes, and washed the table.  For each completed chore, he received a special Giving Tuesday rate of $5.  Mads was very proud of his $15 and to be giving it to a lucky puppy and kitty.  




Yes, Mads actually likes chores.  A Melissa & Doug cleaning set is actually one of the things he keeps begging for on his Christmas list.  



   I don’t know where he got this love for chores but I’m going to enjoy it while it lasts!  And this really is a great learning exercise.
   We bought the food, treats, and toys and wrapped it up in a large bowl.  Marshall was bursting with pride and couldn’t wait to bring it to KC Pet Project.  


   We’re lucky his pride was the only thing bursting.


   But first we had to visit the Fairy Princess.  I know, I know- you’re thinking Fairy who?  What does this have to do with Christmas?!  Well it all started in 1935 at a Kansas City department store.  Looking to lure in “modern parents”, they offered the Fairy Princess.  After all, as the Kansas City Museum (http://www.kansascitymuseum.org/fairyhistory.html) put it, “A child can visit Santa at any department store, but only Kline’s featured the unique Fairy Princess!” 
   This tradition continued at Kline’s until it closed up shop in 1970.  In 1987, the Kansas City Museum brought the tradition back to life and the beautiful Fairy Princess returned to Kansas City once more.  That’s right- before the world had Princess Elsa, Kansas City had the Fairy Princess!
   We caught our very first glimpse of the Fairy Princess back in November of this year, at the Zona Rosa tree lighting.  
   At the time, Marshall was completely enthralled by her.  Even telling me at one point he wanted to kiss her!  It was then that we knew his 25 Days of Christmas wouldn’t be complete without a trip to this Kansas City holiday staple.  After a talk of how we don’t kiss strangers- even of the Fairy Princess variety, of course.
   Sadly, when we got to the Fairy Princess’s igloo palace, the pretty blonde Fairy Princess we saw at the tree lighting was no where to be found.  There was a (still pretty) brunette in her place.  Marshall has no qualms letting everyone know he likes his blondes a bit better, so he was crushed.  He dressed up expecting to sneak a kiss on the cheek from the blonde one and he was disappointed she wasn’t there.  He was none too happy to sit with the new princess.


   I still enjoyed seeing the magic treasure chest open with a wave of the wand and Marshall got a King’s crown from inside.  Even if it wasn’t perfect, it was great to experience a KC tradition before we leave the city.  
   He was very relieved to leave the igloo palace and bring his basket full of love to the homeless pets in need. We did a quick change at the car, grabbed the basket, and he practically ran to the KC Pet Project.


   We brought the goodies in and I explained how Marshall wanted to help the puppies.  The people at the KC Pet Project were so grateful and loved talking to Mads, he was just glowing with pride and excitement.  The lead woman was even a Minnesotan herself- I swear anywhere I go I find Minnesotans in positions of helping people/animals.  It makes me proud of my home state.  Mads loved visiting with all the people, but his favorite was visiting all the beautiful dogs that are waiting for a forever home.


   After so much beauty in the day- from the Fairy Princess’s igloo palace to helping animal friends, it felt right to treat Marshall to his favorite: Yogurtini frozen yogurt.  I know, between yesterday and today you would think all he eats is sweets- just wait for tomorrow!  Oy vey!  
   It is most likely his last time going to Yogurtini, since we are moving, so we didn’t feel too bad about it- especially since we still had our coupon from Halloween.




   He even picked out some pumpkin spice yogurt to mix with his chocolate.  Can he get anymore perfect?  Besides his obvious distaste for brunettes, that is…thanks buddy.  
   When a few little girls came in, Mads quickly left our little table to go over and sit at a different booth.  Apparently, it is mortifying for three year olds to be seen with their mothers at a yogurt lounge.  Who knew? 


   He sure was trying to turn on the charm for them though.  And yes, they were little blonde girls.
   The second day was a day of crossing off a Kansas City bucket list item and getting to experience a uniquely charming holiday moment.  It was about teaching Marshall to work hard and earn his money, and to be sure to pass that onto charities that matter to him.  I hope everyone was able to experience the joy and fulfillment of giving today. 

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