3rd Day: Home Alone Party

   On the third day we had a throwback movie party- Marshall and I celebrated with the Christmas classic ‘Home Alone’!  All the glory of 1990 and Macaulay Culkin in one night- a Christmas miracle.


   We started the celebration with this amazing shirt:

   Once again, I got this last summer from Etsy.  It was MUCH cheaper than I’m seeing right now online. Seriously guys, I can’t say enough how much more magic we can inject into the season- for just a fraction of the price- by picking up piece by piece throughout the year.
   The perks of having a Home Alone party is that it is incredibly kid friendly food wise, inexpensive, and fun!
   We enjoyed all the same foods as Kevin McCallister:
  “Why’d you only bring one cheese pizza?!”
   Life is good when you’re Marshall and not Kevin McCallister- Marshall gets his own cheese pizza!


   We got the vintage-ey Pepsi to try to go with the movie theme.  Marshall pretty much never gets pop, but when he gets even a swig he gets so happy he could just kiss ya!
  “Bless this highly nutritious microwaveable macaroni and cheese dinner- and the people who sold it on sale.  Amen.” 



There was no way I was making Kevin’s huge sundae for a three year old.  I want to have fun- not a death wish.  So I instead made a special sundae: pie crust baked over an upside down cupcake pan with fudge marbles ice cream, extra chocolate syrup, whip cream, and sprinkles!

   For a more adult twist on this party, you could rent or buy ‘Angels with Dirty Faces’ the classic movie that was parodied in Home Alone as ‘Angels with Filthy Souls’.  Since this night was for a three year old, we skipped the film.
   We played a few activities during the film as well.  Marshall practiced his numbers as he counted his Fisher Price Little People before they go on their trip- much like Kevin’s older cousin, Heather, was suppose to count the kids to make sure they didn’t leave anyone behind.  It was a great counting/ speech exercise.
   Just like Kevin, Marshall got his own little tree to decorate however he saw fit.  


   Perhaps the most fun was had as we did ‘stair bowling’, reminiscent of when Kevin bowls down The Wet Bandits on his staircase using paint cans.  As well as our flying pizzas.  I made quick paper pizzas and taped them onto little frisbees Marshall had in his toy chest from summer.  I made a pepperoni, mushroom, olive, and cheese pizzas to fly around like when Kevin gets in a fight with Buzz.  We also tried to find the cheese as the frisbees were upside down, since Kevin was looking high and low for the plain cheese.   
   Excuse the boxes in some of the photos- moving can be messy!
   Mads definitely enjoyed being able to toss the pizzas- great aim!
   We also practiced our Polka dancing as if we were dancing to John Candy’s character’s band- The Kenosha Kickers.
   The third day was a day of 90s fun- proving that some kids’ favorites (like meals and movies) never go out of style.  We had unbridled fun dancing and playing.  It was a simple night to throw together and ended up being one of our most fun nights in recent memory.  And like Kevin McCallister finds out in the end (90s spoiler alert), I hope Mads knows that his mother will go to the ends of the earth for him as well.  Even if she may  make the occasional mistake along the way.  
   With that, we bid you goodnight, “ya filthy animal”.




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