6th Day: St. Nicholas Day & Ol’ Shawnee Town

On the sixth day, we celebrated St. Nicholas Day- as well as partaking in some old fashion fun in the Historic Shawnee Town Christmas carnival.

    Marshall woke up and excitedly ran down the stairs to see if St. Nicholas left him a gift for being good.  He was over the moon to find his Christmas list was taken and in it’s place was a new book and a special note from St. Nick himself.


    Marshall was so excited that he ran to the book and began hugging and rocking it sweetly.  He was so very grateful.



     Marshall immediately sat down and started reading ‘Good Night Missouri’.  He was so excited to see all the different places he’s been to illustrated in the book.  St. Nicholas must know what we will soon be saying goodbye to The Show Me State- the only home Marshall has ever known.
    St. Nicholas also wrote Marshall a note because he noticed that on Mads’ Christmas list Marsh asked for “friends”.  We have explained to Marshall that we are going to leave and move to a new place.  Mads asked if certain people would be coming with us and became really sad when we told him they would be staying behind in Kansas City.  The anxiety of leaving behind some of his most loved people must have been weighing on him more than we realized.  St. Nicholas reassured that Marshall is well loved the world over, that he can keep his friends far away in KC as well as make new friends at his new home.  Marshall really seemed to enjoy the letter.  Thanks St. Nick!!
    We spent the afternoon with some of our KC friends before heading to ol’ Shawnee town.


    There was so much old fashion fun!  We started in the old one-room school house.  We’ve been to many historic school houses in Missouri and Kansas and they are always a favorite of Marshall’s.  As soon as he entered the house he began asking for his backpack; he just loves school so much.  Him and papa found their way to their desks.


   We then listened to acoustic guitar and sang Christmas songs from the turn of the century.  Mads couldn’t get enough of it, swaying back and forth to the music.

    As we walked outside, a horse drawn carriage passed us by.  Marshall became so excited, he wanted a ride asap!  So we got in line and went on Mads’ very first carriage ride along a lantern lit path.






    Marshall couldn’t stop smiling as we rode along the faintly lit path and listened to the bells jingle on the horses.  It was definitely a moment to treasure.
    After our ride we went to get a balloon.  Mads smiled broadly as he watched his candy cane balloon come together.





    While ever so pleased with his new balloon, he also discovered that some of Santa’s reindeer had also come to visit.  Marshall told Brad that he wanted to bring one home.  That would be quite the houseguest.


    We quickly made our way to the craft house to get our art fix for the night.  Marshall especially liked shaking glitter onto a small wooden wreath.  Who doesn’t like shaking glitter?


    All too soon, it was time to head home as we closed down the carnival.  Marshall was sad to leave, but happy to head out of the chilly weather.  
    The sixth day really highlighted how thankful Marshall is for all he is given- be it a new book, a balloon, or a carriage ride.  The twinkle in his eye and excitement in his voice as he shouts “thank you!” never gets old, his gratitude never fades.  We spent some time with friends and Marshall was reassured that you can keep old friends, no matter how far, as well as make new friends in new places.  It was truly a day of finding warmth amongst the chill outside.  Stay warm, friends!

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