7th Day: North Pole Communicator

On the seventh day, we went to Crown Center for the final time.  Crown Center is full of wonderful shops and unique restaurants.  It also classically sums up Kansas City.

Kansas City: The City of Fountains
The Mayor’s Christmas tree- larger than Rockerfeller’s in NYC or the White House’s in DC!  We go big in KC.

    In the shadow of the Mayor’s (massive!) Christmas tree, Marshall had a blast running and playing with all the other children on the wooden displays.


    The holiday playsets wasn’t what brought us here though, we came for the elves!  See, Kansas City is also the home of Hallmark and Hallmark is always doing special things and pulling strings for it’s hometown.  This year, they brought a special North Pole communicator to KC- straight from Santa!


    The North Pole communicator had four options of where you could call: Oldtowne- the shopping district of the elves, Snow Row- where the elves live, Santa’s workshop- where the elves work, and Santa’s house!  Marshall chose to call the workshop and talked with an elf named Dash.





    Marshall always feels a bit shy to use his words in public or on the phone, since he gets embarrassed very easily over not being understood properly.  But he tried his best and quietly gave answers to Dash- who managed to understand him pretty well!  Mads gave Dash some pretty cool ideas as to a new toy design.  So if anyone sees a blue police car bicycle around, you heard it here first as to who came up with the idea.
    As we were walking out, Hallmark was kind enough to give Marshall a picture of him making the call.  They then directed him over to a table where Hallmark was giving special little boys and girls items from their holiday collection.  The sweet woman told Marshall he could pick anything he wanted and he chose a penguin mug-o-matic.  Of course, as penguins are his favorite animal!


    We then followed the sound of beautiful voices to watch the children’s choir.  Marshall loved “sipping coffee” as he took in the performance.



    On our way out, Marshall had to pose with his guards.


    When we finally made it home, Marshall got to try out his penguin mug with his “coffee” (cocoa).  The penguin kicks marshmallows into the mug!


    It is so cool that Hallmark always goes so far for the children of KC, it is always a magical experience when they are around.  Marshall couldn’t be any happier with his little penguin mug-o-matic!
    The seventh day was spent saying goodbye to one of our favorite places, as well as saying hello to some friendly elves.  Marshall overcame his fear, however quietly, of speaking in public with strangers- all for the chance to create ideas for Santa.  Now Mads plays with his marshmallow kicking penguin as Brad and I pack for quite the new adventure.  We wish you all warm thoughts and exciting new starts for the new year!
Only 17 more days!!



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