8th Day: Simple Strings

The eighth day was dedicated to good ol’ Christmas music!  We went to the library for a performance by Simple Strings and carried on with the music at home.

    I always suggest to check out your local library, as they tend to get quite overlooked but do offer so many amazing programs- free of charge too!  Simple Strings perfectly exemplifies this.  They are a three person string band who dress as elves and each have a different persona.  One acts kind of grumpy, the other is kind of dopey and silly, and the final one is cheerful and bright.  In between songs they would tease each other, tells jokes, and give some Christmas facts.


    They also included the children in the crowd and gave them all instruments to play along with.  Marshall and his little friends loved being included and he really focused on trying to stay on track.  Mads has always had an intense love of music.
Enjoying looking at books before the performance


Showing off his jingle bell bracelet



Concentrating hard on the music


    We both really enjoyed taking in the show, but we had to leave quickly to pick up Brad from a short shift.
    Not wanting to leave Brad out of the Christmas fun, we decided to get out Marshall’s instruments and bring some of that fun home!  With Christmas music blaring on pandora we played along and sang.


    The boys decided it was time to get down and they pulled out some . . . interesting dance moves.  It was a lot of effortless family fun.


    The eighth day was a day of simplicity, but one can never go wrong with a day filled with music with those you love.  We’ve made progress with packing (as indicated by the stacks of boxes in the pictures) and we are that much closer to our newest adventure.  Tomorrow, we visit some more of our favorite KC places for one last celebration and goodbye.  We hope you all are taking in the sights and sounds of the season.  Wishing everyone a Very Merry Christmas and a Silent Night.

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