11th Day: Candy Cane Hunt, Santa Chores, & More

On the eleventh day, we had a very Santa day!  Marshall practiced “Santa chores”, made a fun and (somewhat) healthy snack, and went to see the big man himself.

    We started talking about some of the many things Santa does to prepare for Christmas- kind of a St. Nick bootcamp if you will.  We talked about how he must have really good aim to throw some presents down the chimney.  Then we tried it out ourselves.
Chimney present toss- all you need is a box (with quick bricks
drawn on) and small old gift boxes



Giving the present a big toss


    Mads had a blast practicing his tossing into the chimney.  I then brought up candy canes.  We’ve already talked about the meaning of candy canes- but where do you suppose they come from? Marshall didn’t quite know either, but he did think Santa had something to do with them- and he was right!
    We went downstairs and I showed him that I was able to pull some strings with the big man to get a small candy cane planter.  Because obviously Santa plants candy canes!  The ‘snow’ sugar was already in the jar when I presented it to Marsh, he then carefully planted little mint seeds into the snow sugar.  It was a great sensory activity, along with lots of fun and magic!



Pushing the seeds in


    After planting the seeds I explained that we had to let the seeds set before a candy cane would grow.  Just like real plants- but since these were magic seeds they would grow much faster.
    Brad was working a short shift, so as soon as he came home all three of us dashed off to see Santa & Mrs. Claus at the local library!
    This is one event with Santa that I truly adore.  Check out our previous years‘ posts about all the Christmas related facts Santa tells the children.  From why children don’t get everything on their Christmas lists to why Santa doesn’t use chimneys as much anymore- so never fear fireplace-less children!
    Marshall was totally captivated by the books read by Santa & Mrs. Claus and their stories, quips, and questions they asked.  He hung on every word.
Captivated by the Clauses


    Soon story time with Santa was over, and it was time to line up nicely to talk to Santa and remind him what was on our St. Nick’s day list and why we were good this year.  Marshall waited very patiently in line, eagerly waiting his turn as he watched other children visit with the Clauses.  We quietly went over his Christmas list, as he does better pronouncing things clearly when he can see the words modeled for him.  He was so excited to see Santa it was hard for him to get his words right.
    Quickly it turned to his turn, he ran to Santa as I reminded Santa of Marshall’s name.


    Marshall sat down nicely on Santa’s lap and just smiled from ear to ear, naturally I took advantage of this and took quite a few great shots!


    Then it was the big moment- time for Marshall to let Santa know all the things he wanted for Christmas.  He just sat there frozen with a smile on his face, awestruck by Santa and unable to form the words.  I discreetly reminded him what he told me on St. Nicholas Day and that just opened up the flood gates.
“…balloon, choo choo, penguin, kitchen, mushroom…”


    He asked for a lot of pretty glorious things and Santa said he would do his best and reminded him to keep being a good little boy.  With that, Mrs. Claus gave him a small candy cane (probably planted by Santa in the North Pole) and we were already back on our way home.  Mads kept talking about Santa and how much he loved him the whole way back.
    At home we made a quick, simple, and relatively healthy bedtime snack: little strawberry whip cream Santa hats!  Marshall absolutely loves to ‘cook’ so he grabbed his apron and listened to the directions before jumping in.
Marshall uses a butter knife for safety- but still be sure to
use close supervision with the little ones


Having fun spraying on the whip cream


Pressing on strawberries
Strawberry-whip cream santa hats


Yum yum, whip cream!


    The strawberry hats were eaten up and it was time to check on his candy cane garden progress.  Marshall was so happy to see that they sprung up while we were out!



    We told Marshall to harvest his candy canes so we could do our annual candy cane hunt.


“Look, look!!”


    Mads and I went into the kitchen quick as Brad hid them around the living room. Marshall got his flashlight and giggled and squealed as he found canes around the living room.
Searching high and low for his candy canes


Found one!



    When the candy canes were finally all found, it was time to get ready for bed.  Marshall was still talking about Santa as he crawled into bed, surely sugar plums are now dancing around his head.
    The eleventh day was full of Santa’s magic- who Marshall now says he wants to be when he grows up.  Mads was finally able to use his voice to tell Santa what he wanted for Christmas for the very first year!  It was definitely a day of magic all the way around.  May you all have a good night and have your North Pole wishes come true.

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