12th Day: A Play & Party at Mosaic

On the twelfth day, we went to the first annual community party at Mosaic clinic. I know that probably sounds funny- a community Christmas party at a clinic?! But Mosaic life care really is more than your standard clinic.  There is no receptionist, a culinary chef on duty, and they have their own stages for community plays.  I also like that Mosaic is an extension of Mayo clinics, which are based out of Minnesota.  It’s like having a little bit of home right down here in Missouri.


    Our first stop was to watch the band play various Christmas carols.  As soon as we walked in and Marshall heard the music, he started asking us to go over to them so he could dance to the music.


    It was hard to peel Marsh away from the dancing fun, but coloring was a good way of doing it!  He very carefully colored Rudolph and outlining the letters on the page.


    Next, we got in line to do a snowball toss.  Anyone see, or hear of, the TLC show “Mama’s boys of the Bronx”?  I’ve never seen it, but heard about it; basically the short version is its a reality show about Italian mothers and their adult sons and the very close/ protective nature of that bond.  I tell you this because this is what happened in line for the snow ball toss game:
Oh, that sound?  It’s just me uncontrollably wailing and
my soul shattering in unison. 


    This is apparently Marshall’s girlfriend- one of four according to him.  Breaks. My. Heart.  Brad started laughing when Zoe grabbed Marshall’s hands and started leading him around and telling him what to do, he even said “You’re losing your boy!” Yea, Bradley the comedian was this close to walking home after that quip.
    In all seriousness though, it was adorable seeing Marshall with Zoe.  When Mads gets super excited, it’s hard for him to form words.  Think of how it would be for you to do advanced calculus, in your head, immediately after finding out you had a winning ticket.  Marshall was excited about holding hands and giving hugs to this pretty girl giving him her attention.  So he had a hard time talking, but Zoe didn’t care.  Marshall was only able to form jibberish, so that’s how Zoe started talking too.  Just two adorable peas in the pod.
    Soon, Marshall was at the front of the line and it was his turn to throw the snowballs for a prize out of Santa’s sack.



    All the talking, snow ball throwing, and young love worked up quite the appetite. So we brought Marshall over to the cookie station to decorate sugar cookies.


More sprinkles, more sprinkles!


   Finally, it was time for the big event: a live performance of ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas.  Marshall’s first play!  He was just brimming with anticipation.
    Brad and I were so proud, Mads did such a great job sitting quietly and was watching with such an intensity.  It’s only fitting that we have a boy that loves theater, as that was the arts class that his parents met in.
    The performance was brilliant.  Santa even ‘dropped’ out of the chimney!  And after he put the presents down and went back up the chimney, Marshall broke his silence with shouting “Bye-bye Santa!”  Have I mentioned how much I love this sweetheart?


Santa coming down the chimney



Encore, encore!


    After the play was finished, Mrs. Claus came out to hand out copies of the famous poem and it was time to line up to visit with Santa.


    Mads waited patiently in line again before boldly walking up to Santa to take pictures and talk some more about what he wanted.


Thanks for the candy cane!  Now let’s talk presents, good sir


    We then called it a night and headed home.  Marshall couldn’t stop talking about all the fun he had . . . and Zoe.  (Repeat after me Marshall: “Mama & Marshall.  MAMA & Marshall”)
    The twelfth night was a night of community fun and reminiscing of our little family’s roots.  It was a night of seeing our little guy flourish in an environment rich in the arts.  After all this winter wonderland fun with Santa we’ve been having lately, we hear a certain green who is pretty jealous and looking to steal some of our fun.  Be on the lookout as we travel to a different universe tomorrow!

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