18th Day: City Hall Celebrating & Front Page Breaking

On the eighteenth day we awoke to an unfamiliar sound: snowplows.  The metro got a few inches, in Minnesota this means life as usual, in Missouri this means hold onto your butts things are about to get wild!

    It was a bit disappointing to see the snow because this meant that Marshall’s last day of preschool- and fun pajama party- were now going to be cancelled.  Mads was a little upset over this because it meant he was no longer able to say goodbye to his little friends, teachers, and therapists.  Bummer for sure.
    The day was not lost though, as we originally had two parties to attend today.  So the boys were still were able to make the afternoon party at the Police Department/ City hall.
    The Chief asked Brad that we all come because he wanted to see his little buddy one last time- Marshall, not Brad . . . well maybe Brad too.  He also had a very special surprise for the littlest Dingman.
    See, it was an old tradition of law enforcement agencies to trade patches with each other and collect them.  It is now a practice that is pretty rare or just doesn’t happen due to how expensive the patches are and departments funds being low.  Chief has turned many away when they asked for a patch, but today he broke his rule and gave the mini officer Dingman a city police patch.  He even broke his rule twice and gave the biggest Dingman a patch with a sweet message written on the back.


    Brad said that Marshall had a great time visiting and saying goodbye to some of his favorite police officers, the Chief, and city council members.





    The police secretary even snagged a paper for us; Marshall and the Chief made the front page of the paper!  It noted how Marshall was learning how to help at a young age.  Mads has been in the paper numerous times, but this is my favorite.  I love that he’s in there for helping and trying to make a difference at his young age.


    The eighteenth day was a day of goodbyes and preparing for big changes.  We are so grateful to the police department that gave Brad, a rookie officer with no previous experience, his start during the recession.  The department that bought us a high chair when they found out I was pregnant with Marshall.  The department full of officers that became our family.  Leaving is truly bittersweet, but we will always treasure the memories we have gained from the home we are now leaving.  Stay tuned for our final full day in Kansas City, tomorrow.  Keep warm and be merry!

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