19th Day: Inside the Santa Train

On the nineteenth day- our last full day in Kansas City- we went to one last KC landmark: Union Station.

    Union Station is rife with history and is a favorite spot of our ‘choo-choo’ loving son.  Today, we were there to visit the holiday train.


  Going through the train is free, but the line can be anywhere from a two to three hour wait.  However, little known fact, you can schedule a reservation!  That’s the route we took and it saved us so much time.


    Once it was finally time to go on the train, Marshall was just bursting with excitement.  He has never been on a real, working train.  Even though the holiday train never moves with kids on board, he was still just tickled to see the train that Santa rode to Kansas City on before heading back to the North Pole.









    We finally got to the end of the train and Marshall was almost more excited by the outside of the train.






    When picture taking commenced, we said goodbye to the holiday train and Union Station.  Brad and I talked about all the different things we have done and seen as we drive through the heart of the city on the way to our home- that soon will just be an empty house.  Marshall spent the ride reading about trains.  He still is pretty sure we are just joking and Kansas City is where we will always reside.


    The nineteenth day was about taking some time away from the boxes around the house, to stow away some last minute memories around the city.  I don’t think I can appropriately express what this city has meant to us as we grew as people and as a family.  Marshall got to see where Santa rides into town to say hello and talk to the children before heading back up to the North Pole for the big night.  I wonder what form of transportation he takes to Minnesota?  Time will tell, I guess.  The nineteenth day about getting ready to take our own adventure northward, perhaps our own ‘train’ even?  All aboard!

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