20th Day: The Polar Express Northward

On the twentieth day we said goodbye to Kansas City, Missouri and hopped on ‘the polar express’ to head north.

    I just want to take a moment now to thank everyone who came to help us with this move.  We know that this time of year is especially busy and inconvenient for people and the fact that anyone took time out of their day to help us is truly humbling.  Brad and I are so, very grateful.

    Once our truck was packed up we said our goodbyes to some of our KC friends and then took one final look at our little townhouse.
    On a hot July day, Brad and I moved ourselves down to Kansas City.  Literally just the two of us, him driving the moving truck and me driving our single car.  We were so excited for this adventure but nervous about being 100% on our own- not knowing a soul within hundreds of miles.  The apartment we originally set up to live in flaked out on us.  We drove through the night; we were tired, hungry, and alone with nowhere to go and no one to turn to.  Brad and I literally drove around our small suburb looking for a place to rent asap and this townhouse was the first sign we saw.  We called and had the keys within an hour.  This little townhouse isn’t much, but it is the place that Brad and I really became adults.  The place Brad excitedly came home to after finally being sworn in as an officer, where we came home to as newlyweds, brought our perfect newborn back from the hospital to.  It’s where Marshall took his first steps, where he had his first speech therapy session, and where he fractured his elbow from jumping on the couch.  This little townhouse became part of our story, part of our family.  We are excited to be moving forward and on to bigger and better things, but this little place was our nest first, and for that it will always be special.
    Goodbyes were over and there were new memories to make!  So Brad, who insisted on driving the truck up himself, hopped behind the wheel of the big rig, my awesome sister-in-law jumped on the polar express with Marshall and I, while my equally awesome brother-in-law rounded out the caravan in their vehicle.
    I told Marshall that we were going to take a special trip on the polar express, our regular old car was now transformed, and we were going to take a long ride up north.
    As per polar express rules, Marshall wore his pajamas.  He was given a ticket that we punched, a tray full of goodies, books, and a train themed sticker activity pack.  We put on the Christmas tunes and quicker than you can say “choo-choo” we were on the road.



    Our trip was just over 500 miles.  We saw many lights and fun Christmas stuff. It was one heck of a way to pull off a polar express event!  It was long enough- and became snowier and colder as we headed northward- that, heck, it felt realistic to me!
    But we finally made it to our stop for the night.  Grandma & Grandpa G’s house!  Marshall was pretty excited to see his grandparents- and be out of the car!  Brad and I are so relieved to be out of the car and truck too, to be honest.  And we are just one more step away from being moved into our newest space.  Just in time for Christmas, hooray!
    The twentieth day was a reminder of how far we have come and the adventures ahead.  It was about being so thankful for the friends & family in our life and the help we are so fortunate to receive.  We took the Polar Express north to have an even happier life, back with family and old friends- but never forgetting our ‘new’ friends back in KC.  I tried my darnedest to make a long drive and monotonous move fun and inject it with some Christmas magic for the little guy, so he would never miss even one day of the tradition we started in 2012- not even for an interstate move.  I truly hope all of you have enjoyed the sights and fun that is so unique to Kansas City, we will so miss Marshall’s hometown.  Rest assured that we still have some pretty special stuff in store in the land of ice.  The adventure continues tomorrow!  But for now, we wish you all good night.  Moving is tiresome- and we have another 90 miles to go in the morning!

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