21st Day: Elf Delivery

On the twenty-first day, we finally made it to my dad’s house!  The day involved a lot of work with moving but we still wanted to make it special for Marshall.  Luckily, Santa’s elves had us covered and had a special elvish delivery for the littlest Dingman.

    Marshall spent a good portion of the day watching the old claymation Christmas classics with his grandpa.  They especially liked grandpa’s favorite, The Little Drummer Boy.  It was truly a special sight.
    For dinner, grandpa V even brought home a central Minnesota favorite: Rafferty’s Irish pizza!  Grandpa even got Marshall his own little cheese pizza, Mads is a pretty lucky guy.  Our little pizza aficionado was very pleased with his first uniquely Minnesota cuisine.  He kept saying yum and asking for “three more” pieces.  It was an excellent treat!


    After a little while, Brad came through the door with a surprise he found on the front step!  It was from Santa’s elves letting Marshall know that Santa knows he’s going to be at his grandpa V’s this Christmas, so no worries about Santa finding Mads.


    To ensure Marsh of all of this they included some very special holiday gifts.  The first was a small portable version of the North Pole communicator- like the one he talked to Dash on, back on the seventh day at Crown Center.
   Those mischievous elves, they couldn’t stop at that for gifts, they also included two snowball shooters- with ‘magic’ snowballs that don’t melt.  This was even a surprise to me!  This, of course, was the most exciting thing for Marshall in the whole box.



    All too soon it was time for bed.  We are looking forward to be talking to the elves at the North Pole and having snow ball shooter fights in these next few days leading up to the big day.
    I cannot believe that Christmas is already coming up so quickly and we are out of KC and back in Minnesota!  This has just been a whirlwind, but a wonderful adventure at the same time.
    The twenty-first day was a day of simple joys, and easing moving anxiety of our little guy.  It was a day of embracing the colder north country and preparing for Christmas.  Marshall was reassured that the magic of this season isn’t tied to Kansas City- it’s tied to our family.  Wherever we are, whatever situation we find ourselves in, as long as we are together we have it all.  That was the true gift the elves gave Marshall on the twenty-first day.  We hope that everyone can be with those they love this holiday season, seeing their own special magic that comes from being together- not in where you are or what you are doing.

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