22nd Day: Grandparent Luncheon

On the twenty-second day, we had a more relaxed day.  Marshall has developed a pretty bad cough, so we took him to the pharmacist to find the right combo of stuff to really knock it out.

    Once we got back home, my sister, dad, and I got to work on cooking up some appetizers while Marshall oversaw our work.


    We wanted a good spread of appetizers for our very special guests: grandma & grandpa G!  This was the first time that Marshall had all of his grandparents (excluding great-grandma V and great-grandma F) together for a little holiday cheer.  Mads slept through a good portion of the luncheon fun, trying to battle his virus.  It was a great afternoon, spent with good company.  We are so glad to be back where we can have these get togethers with family so easily.
    After we said goodbye to grandma and grandpa G we decided to settle in for a movie and cuddles.  Grandpa V has never seen Frozen, so it was a must that we watched that so he too could ‘Let it Go’.
    When Frozen wrapped up, we were sure to huddle around the North Pole communicator and dial in to talk to Bingo the elf.  Bingo told Marshall the elves have been working very hard up north and they were just about to take a break from building toys to make a snowman.  Marsh was sure to give them a few tips as to what he likes to put on a proper snowman.


    As a special treat, we broke out our 3D Wilton gingerbread sleigh kit.  We wanted some quick and easy fun for our sick little buddy.
    Unfortunately, there was nothing easy about standing up our decorated treats.  After many tries and deliberations on what to try different, we ended up deciding on just going the 2D route.
    It was still fun to create and I’m sure it will be good to snack on!


    We ended the night with some fun blanket- sled rides around the living room floor.  Always a sure fire hit and easy entertainment.


    The twenty-second day was about overcoming some minor challenges, be it Marshall’s chesty cough or a difficult Wilton kit.  What matter most is the time we get with family.  It may not seem like a lot, but it is something we definitely don’t take for granted after living far away from our loved ones for years.  It was a great day and we are hoping Marshall is well on his way to recovering from this nasty virus as tomorrow things are about to get chilly in here.  Stay healthy, friends!

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