23rd Day: Penguin Fun

On the twenty-third day, we decided to bring Marshall’s favorite animal’s house to grandpa’s house.  We had a penguin igloo party!

    We started with putting out the igloo we quickly threw together awhile back, just made out of cardboard and some spray paint.  Then we added Mads’ penguin collection and viola!  Instant penguin party.


    Marshall was over the moon with excitement when he saw the simple set up.  He hastily crawled in to explore.




    What kind of igloo party would it be without a bunch of penguins?  Marsh crawled back out and started tossing his little friends inside.


    Obviously Mads had to wear his cool penguin shirt for the occasion.


    It was time for our story time.  We decided to read some of our favorite penguin books, ‘I Am Small’ author unlisted and ‘And Tango Makes Three’ by Justin Richardson and Peter Parnell.


    We read ‘I Am Small’ first.  It was gifted to us when Marshall was just a newborn and before we knew his love for these special little birds.  What we love about the book is the message.  The little penguin is overwhelmed by how small he is, compared to the world around him, but he soon learns that it doesn’t matter how big he is.  As he tells his mama “I may be small, but I can see the biggest thing to you is me!”
    ‘And Tango Makes Three‘ was our next book.  Tango is based on the true story of Roy & Silo, two penguins that live in the Central Park zoo.  Roy and Silo loved each other and very much wanted a baby penguin to complete their family.  So much that they would routinely make nests and try to hatch stones.  See, they couldn’t lay an egg of their own because Roy and Silo are both boy penguins.  A zoo keeper eventually gave them an egg and they diligently cared for their precious egg until it hatched and out came Tango!  It is important to us that Marshall see diversity in his books and that it isn’t a big deal.  Roy, Silo, & Tango’s family is based on the same thing all good families are based on: love.  And that is what truly matters.
    We also surprised Marshall with his penguin mug he received at Crown Center back on the seventh day.  He was thrilled to see his favorite new mug made it up to the north country.


    After a quick nap and change of clothes, for the party we were to attend later, we broke out the craft for the day.  My lovely sister bought a bunch of holiday stuff on clearance, after Christmas, last year and was nice enough to send us the goodies for this year’s twenty-five days!  Among the items was this treasure: a 3D igloo craft!


   Marshall couldn’t wait to get his hands on this project.  Him and papa quickly put it together and started decorating.




    It was too cute when Marshall lined up the snowmen.  He proudly named the biggest boy snowman “papa”, the biggest girl snow woman was “mama”, then the little boy snowman was “Marshall” of course!


    He did a pretty good job if I do say so myself!


    The twenty-third day was about waddling our way to normalcy in a new setting.  It was about making Marshall feel at home, using his beloved friends’ house and reading penguin books about love being paramount.  Because that is what this twenty-five day celebration is about to us.  The love God had for us, that he sent his only begotten son to Earth to save us all.  And the love we have as a family and enjoying the time we get together.  We hope you all are able to waddle home to your family igloos and celebrate the love of the season!  Stay warm and be safe!

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