Bonus Post: Christmas Eve through Marshall’s eyes

It’s obvious on the blog that I take a lot of pictures.  Marshall is just three years old and he has thousands upon thousands of pictures and videos documenting his life.

    Well today Marshall asked sweetly if he could take pictures.  I handed him my phone, told him to take pictures of things he liked, and these are the various things that were important to him this Christmas Eve.  Enjoy seeing our Christmas Eve through his eyes!

    First he called over Grandpa’s two dogs to take individual portraits.


   Next up was the tree and Santa(s).  Marshall absolutely loves all things Santa.




    Mads called for Grandpa V but he was busy in the other room at the moment, so he settled on taking a picture of me and Brad.  We were still in our church attire.


    It was fun seeing what things Marshall was so quickly drawn to capture, he’s obviously been eyeing these things for awhile.
    I hope you enjoyed Marshall’s first pictures!  He’ll be taking over the blog in no time, I’m sure.

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