Merry Christmas 2015!

The Twenty-fifth day!  Christmas!  It truly went by in a flash and it’s so hard to believe that the big day is finally here.  As I do most years, I will mainly let the pictures speak for themselves and just do big photobombs with a little explaining here and there. Continue reading


Bonus Post: Bloopers, Outtakes, and Extras

I take a lot of pictures of our family- not just during our 25 day celebration but all year round.  When taking so many pictures and having young kids you’re bound to get a few for the blooper reel.  We also compress our day down and, for the sake of continuity, some little things get left on the cutting room floor.  Why not share the forgotten and the unforgettable?  Enjoy!
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19th Day: Jingle Bell Rock

Jingle Bell Rock (youtube)
  On the nineteenth day we tried to take in a bit of the arts of the northland.  See, that is a very big part of Kansas City that we miss.  We always took full advantage of the orchestras, concerts, museums, and art shows.  Most of Marshall’s play dates were in the sculpture garden of the art museum; the arts were a big part of Marshall’s upbringing and it shows.  His teachers here have commented on how “worldly” Marshall is and how much he knows for his age.

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