4th Day: Hark the Herald Angels sing

Hark the Herald Angels Sing (youtube)
  On the fourth day, we made more of an effort to venture out into our little community- as well as check off another “L” of our Minnesota celebrations (lefse, Lutherans, lutefisk).
  The day started off with getting things together to go to ‘mom’s group’.  It’s a weekly meeting of mom’s with their children in tow.  An opportunity for the kids to play, socialize, and have teachers present to help guide and just generally make sure they are on target for their age.  It’s also a great opportunity for moms to talk and have discussions on things like discipline, parenting philosophy, and traditions.  The group has been a great way for me to meet new people in our town and socialize after having Violet.
Playing in the gingerbread houses they made during class.  I love this idea!


Marshall was playing house with a little girl.  He was sure to go grab a baby to bring back to their house.  He named her “Violet”, so sweet!
  We all take turns bringing snack for the kids (always has to be prepackaged, store bought food) and a snack for the parents.  Marshall picked out cheese filled crackers and fruit punch juice boxes for him and his buddies and I opted to make an old recipe from a great friend.
Cucumber finger sandwiches anyone?


  I love getting and giving recipes; it always makes me remember the person who gave me the recipe when I whip something up and that makes me smile.  It’s kind of like the best message in a bottle from the past isn’t it?  Everyone loved the recipe and made sure to ask for it too- and so the love spreads.
  After mom’s group, Marshall’s speech therapist was nice enough to come into his classroom today to work.  I was so impressed- all the other kids were still playing and laughing and my amazing boy sat there in the corner working so hard on speech.  He is such a hard worker and his progress really is reflective of that.
Working hard on getting more consistent with “s” sounds: “snowman”, “santa”, “stocking”


  Later, we went to one of the oldest Lutheran churches in our area for their Christmas concert that was open to the public.  Outside the church they had a “Marshall size” replica of the original building.


  We thoroughly enjoyed the concert and the welcoming spirit of those there.  Being a later concert, we had to cut out early with having small children so we weren’t around for refreshments and socializing after.  We did find a little friend waiting for us when we got home though!
Our own nisse!
Violet was excited to come home to this adorable little surprise


  Our new little friend- that we just learned about yesterday- decided to show up.  My favorite thing about him is his little sign that instantly shows what he’s going to report to Santa.
  According to tradition, it is good luck to leave out bowls of porridge for good fortune with nisse.  Being that we are not, in fact, Goldie Locks we do not have porridge on hand for day to day life.  So we made instant oatmeal and gave it a dose of edible shimmer powder for some added magic.


  Finally, we traditionally make up our Christmas list for Santa the night before St. Nicholas day (Dec. 6th).  But we will be out of town for the majority of tomorrow- I anticipate one tired out boy.  So we got a leg up and started working on our letter to Santa tonight.  This is the first year that Marshall actually wrote a discernible letter to Santa!!
Working so hard!
“Santa, I’ve been . . .  Marshall”
I mean, he is in a category by himself!
  We are so excited to leave his letter and both kids’ shoes out tomorrow night for St. Nicholas day!  The upcoming weekend has some pretty special things in store, I believe.
  Our fourth day was a day of getting out in our new community, appreciating the songs of Christmas and bringing a bit more Nordic magic into our home.  Sharing joy of old friends and making new.  It was also a day of great pride in my very special boy.  Tomorrow is looking bright, and we can’t wait for it!  We hope your holiday season is filled with music and good company.

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