8th Day: Little Toy Trains

  On the eighth day, we incorporated one of Marshall’s favorite things: trains!
  We went about our day as usual- Marshall went to school, Brad to work, Marshall came home from school and it was just business as regular.  He was a bit confused about the lack of Christmas excitement in the air.

  Brad asked him if he wanted to put together the Christmas train that goes around the bottom of our tree, really he didn’t have to even ask- Marshall obviously wanted to!
  Marshall helped assemble while Violet watched in awe.


“You guys missing a piece?”


The boys getting the train situated just so


The kids just sat, completely enthralled, watching the train zoom around the tree for quite sometime


  While setting out our tree’s Christmas train is always very much welcome and fun for Marshall, when we said that was it he was still a little puzzled.  When we said it was time to brush teeth and put pajamas on for an early bedtime he definitely wasn’t pleased.
  But then he headed to his room for bed and found a pretty special surprise waiting for him.


  Two round trip tickets to the Polar Express (aka Papa Express) complete with snacks and a bottle of hot cocoa!
  Marshall was pouting to the doorway, mad that he was being sent to bed early for no explainable reason.  Then he saw what was on his bed and he ran in a flash.
So fast that I couldn’t get a clear picture


“For me?!”


  Once again, Marshall made it so fun for Brad and I.  He was jumping up and down and just kept saying “Thank you, whoever do this! Thank you!”, “I love it!”,  and “Best surprise ever!”
  Brad brought out a step stool, to make the experience more train like, he hollered “Allllll aboaaaaard!” and punched Marshall’s ticket.  We got both kids situated- Marshall with his movie and snacks and Violet was pretty pleased to finally get her hands on one of her brother’s wooden trains.
Conductor papa punching the special golden tickets


Marshall boarding like a real train- complete with step stool


The cutest little passengers


Marshall wanting me to close the door to the Polar Express since the movie was starting


  We rode around on the Papa Express while Marshall watched the movie.  The boys whistled “choo-choo” and Brad made announcements in a booming conductor voice.  Marshall kept telling us how happy he is and how he has “the best family ever!” as we drove along with the movie rolling, snacks, and looking at Christmas lights.
He had a permanent smile plastered on his face the entire time
  Eventually, the train made it’s way back into the station and departed the Papa Express with tummies full of cocoa and sleepy eyes.
  The eighth day was a day of fabulous surprise and truly one of our sweetest reactions from Marshall yet.  The pictures do not fully do justice to how special a time it was in our own little ‘train’.  We hope the season brings as sweet of surprises your way as well!

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